What Happened to Kirk Herbstreit?

You remember him, right? Herbstreit and ESPN lead college football play by play guy, Chris Fowler, were, in large part, the voices of the soundtrack to the story of Clemson and Dabo Swinney’s meteoric rise to the top.

However, times do change and even the best soundtracks fade. After the Georgia loss, a tough, somewhat irrelevant season and despite having GPS on his phone and a private jet at his disposal and still having a son on the Clemson team, Herbstreit seems to have forgotten his way to Clemson. Kirk, you do remember Dabo, right?

It seems, back in the day, in any conversation regarding the elites of the sport, with Herbstreit involved, the Tigers always seemed to have an advocate. No more. To some, the Tigers are old news, just another of college footballs former feel good stories and Herbstreit’s disappearance hasn’t gone unnoticed.

When I reached out via phone, to ask the college football broadcast legend if he planned to return to Clemson this upcoming season, his one word response was a shocking, “Where?” Of course I might have dialed the wrong number, who knows?

Ok, I’m writing in hyperbole. Yes, even me, ‘Mr. Irrational’ understands the best matchups get the best broadcast crew. In essence, great follows great. Unfortunately, after the heartbreaking, season opening knockout by Georgia, Swinney’s Tigers were relegated to the more mediocre, less notable broadcast crews. Think Taylor Zarzour. Think Beth Mowins.

Ahh, back in the good old days of Clemson Football (2015-2018) all in the Valley was golden and most hope it will be back that way soon enough. Like the azaleas and the dogwoods signaling springs return, so will it be when Kirk Herbstreit returns to Death Valley. Then, all of Clemson Nation will finally know, the good old days are back. I look forward to again hearing his unique call of the game. I especially liked the one below.

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