‘Crash Course’ Tyler Grisham Got Last Season Was ‘Hard Pill to Swallow’

It kind of feels like Tyler Grisham has been coaching the receivers at Clemson for quite some time now. However, he obviously has not.

Grisham is just entering his third season in that role, and following Jeff Scott could not be the easiest of things to do, seeing as the Tigers earned the moniker Wide Receiver U during the now USF head coach’s tenure.

In 2020, his first season on the job, Clemson averaged a school-record 348.5 passing yards per game, despite missing three of its four top outside receivers.

Last season was a different story entirely, though. Grisham’s receiver room was hit hard by the injury bug. However, the group also struggled with drops, perimeter blocking, and mistakes in route running. After such a down season, Grisham was ready for the beginning of spring practice.

“I mean, I failed in plenty of areas and I had to swallow that pill,” Grisham said. “And as a young coach that’s learning the profession every day, man, I really got a crash course last year and I was so eager heading into mat drills and spring practice to get back out here.

Grisham, who is also now serving as the program’s recruiting coordinator, is adamant that the struggles from a season ago taught him a lot and that he’s ready to put those lessons to good use.

“I just wanted to get back on my grass and let’s fix some stuff because I’ve learned a lot,” Grisham said. “So there’s a lot of excitement and I think a lot of humility from some of that failure, but being eager and hungry and excited to go and improve it.

Specifically, Grisham said communication is key.

“Just in the way of coaching and communicating a couple of things,” Grisham said. “Teaching, reevaluating how I taught a number of things. I think for me it’s learning the balance of challenging your guys and loving them at the same time, and that relationship.”

As for the perimeter blocking, Grisham thinks at least part of that was the number of injuries the Tigers were dealing with at the position.

“Some of the glaring things and some of the emphasis we have is perimeter blocking, he said. “That was an issue at times and again, I think some of that comes back to personnel and having some guys in some areas that maybe didn’t suit them as well because we had to.”

Injuries or not, though, Grisham is determined to see improvements in that area.

“But that’s not an excuse,” he said. “I’ve made that more of an emphasis on the field, in my individual drill work. I’ve made that more of an emphasis in my meeting room and spending more time, and showing them more looks, and really making sure we feel good about our perimeter blocking, our spot blocking.”

With most of his receivers back healthy this spring, and all expected to be full healthy by fall camp, Grisham is determined to have Clemson back to playing to the standard that has been set at the position in the past.

“I’ve had to reevaluate a number of things and then implement them,” Grisham said. “And so that’s why I was so excited to get back out here.”

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