From Ball Boy to Baller: Two-Time National Title Winner Brandon Streeter Knows Winning

During all of the staff shake-up this past December, there were rumors that Brandon Streeter, passing game coordinator and quarterbacks coach might not be staying in Clemson.

Some felt he was complicit in the abysmal offensive performance throughout the 2021 season, he admits he was. But when all the dust kicked up by the winds of change began to settle, there was Streeter, now running Clemson’s offense. It is a place he’s been groomed to inherit and a job he is imminently qualified to carry out.

Streeter’s father, Barry Streeter, the longtime head coach at Gettysburg College, gave his son a birds-eye view of the game of football. His son was a sponge. He watched and learned, everything.

His first job on his father’s sideline was to make sure the cables connecting his father’s headset with all the others stayed untangled. Then he was a ball boy. Nothing of great value in the hierarchy of a team, but Streeter was happy to do anything because he was learning.

He was a three year letterman at Clemson from 1997-1999, and was the starting quarterback during the ‘98 and ‘99 seasons. At least, when he wasn’t able to play through injury, something he did on multiple occasions.

His list of accomplishments, both as player and coach, speaks one thing That Streeter is not afraid to work hard for results. It’s apparent to those that have witnessed him on the sidelines, in interviews, at practices, he’s willing to do whatever it takes to win. He’s pretty dang good at it, as his resume and records proves it.

As spring practice continues, and will eventually draw to a close, few definitive answers will be found. That will become clearer in fall camp. There are many important questions surrounding numerous positions and Streeter and staff will be the ones to make those decisions.

With a retooled quarterback room behind incumbent DJ Uiagalelei, and with the energy and excitement changes brings, I suspect Clemson will once again, take its rightful place at the top of the ACC and quite possibly be back in the College Football Playoff.

I’m not afraid of the words “promote from within.” For Dabo Swinney it’s business as usual. It’s also proven to be extremely successful and few expect anything different from Brandon Streeter. He’s a winner.

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