Why Ask Why? Hunter Johnson Returns Under Perfect Scenario at Clemson

When I read about QB Hunter Johnson returning for his sixth season to be played at Clemson, I was delighted. I was saddened to read others negative comments asking Why? I have a question for the naysayers, why ask why? This opportunity, for both team and player, couldn’t have happened at a more perfect time.

First, he re-enters a program he once loved and committed to. It’s pretty obvious he knows and appreciates the culture and understands the expectations. He’s an honorable, confident, young man. He was quick to confirm that he was excited to be coming back to help, support, teach but was quick to reassure his teammates, not to take anyone’s position. That is the sheer definition of selfless. Such graciousness is rare among competitors and we should be proud to have him rejoin our family.

Secondly, his presence soothes any whispers of concerns of the “what if’s” of a possible QB injury/controversy. Let’s just imagine this scenario, DJ Uiagalelei becomes injured and the true freshman, Cade Klubnik has to play immediately. Sure, the young man is talented but it takes time to grow and learn and I’m not sure if six to eight months is enough time. Having a sixth year veteran to fall back on, Johnson’s counsel, wisdom and his experience could prove invaluable to this teams success. Without even throwing a pass, just his presence is calming.

Finally, there’s a sense of almost perfect completion here. The humanity of the “long lost son” coming home to give that which only he can, it’s an ESPN 30 for 30 story, if ever there was one. How many young men are left to languish in the log jam of that which has become the transfer portal? Too many.

I have to believe, this exact circumstance was on the mind of the creators of the portal. It gives the entire process a sense of integrity and that’s a great thing for everybody.

This is a rarity in the world we line. There are no losers in this equation, only winners. So, if you’re one of those that have the temerity to blithely ask why? I’ll just ask why the heck not? Welcome Home Hunter Johnson, glad you’re back.

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