Why Yes Wes Goodwin, We’re Going to Get Along Quite Nicely

I won’t sit here and create the false illusion that I know Wes Goodwin. Heck, two weeks ago, I’d never even heard his name. So, I’m not a name dropper and I have zero in the way of a scoop of what type of coach he will become.

Rest assured, I’m not that well connected in the inner circles of the Reeves Athletic Complex. I’m just a fan and one that, right or wrong, believes in first impressions.

It’s said, one never gets a second chance to make a good first impression. Under the sudden bright lights and cameras, it’s really unfair to expect anything substantive from a man that’s literally been in the background, in the dark, analyzing film. So, I when I saw his photo, read all of his background, what little there was, I went, hmm, okay?

He appears to be young, ambitious, low-key, and self-confident, yet mysterious. Not intentionally mysterious but after watching Brent Venables’ over the top, kick butt, scream out loud persona, what will life on the sidelines be with Goodwin after Venables? Then, In one short quip he had me.

When asked by a sportswriter if he planned on blitzing aggressively, like his mentor? His reply, yes,

“No Risk it, No Biscuit,” Goodwin replied in his first meeting with the media when asked if he would be as aggressive as his predecessor.

That settled any concern, question, or opinion I had about this man, Clemson’s new defensive coordinator. He’s going to be just fine. Like many of us, Goodwin’s one of those, tailgatin’, aggressive, biscuit eatin’ Tigers.

On a serious note, I can only imagine the difficulties of coming, literally from the darkness of the film room, to take center stage. Except for a few, understandably awkward moments, he’s proving himself to be the man everyone in “the know” believes him to be. The perfect fit.

I look forward to watching as Goodwin develops and grows into the big shoes left by his predecessor, his mentor. I’m not a betting man but if I were, my money would be on this young man.

Even without the necessity of a ‘get back coach,’ I suspect he will be equal to the task of replacing the seemingly irreplaceable. I’m sure he will meet the task before him head-on and aggressively, because everyone now knows ‘No Risk It, No Biscuit.’ And yes, in the south, we all love our biscuits. It’s nice to meet you, Wes Goodwin. This just might be the beginning of something special.

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