Dabo Swinney Saved Clemson Football In Only Eight Days

Not to get too historical, but I believe there is an applicable message here. In the first eight days of President Franklin Roosevelt’s Presidency, in the height of the depression, he did something remarkable. Banks had closed due to insolvency and Americans panicked. The entire fate of America literally hung in the balance. Then, President Roosevelt gave his first Fireside Chats. It was said afterwards, America was saved in those first eight days.

While addressing nothing nearly that catastrophic, Dabo Swinney, gave his own brand of fireside chat on Tuesday. His words and calmness, saved all we know and love about Clemson Football. Don’t underestimate how momentous, how necessary that press conference truly was. Here’s why.

We don’t have to search history books to know the reasons why Swinney needed to speak. He had lost his offensive and defensive brain-trusts. He lost his programs chief of staff, multiple members of the support staff, and he lost his boss, the Athletic Director.

Swinney has also lost at least three commitments in the 2022 recruiting class and current players are escaping through the transfer portal. Just typing that list makes my head spin. This program, his program, was hemorrhaging and he needed to stop the bleeding. I, for one, believe he did just that.

Most that follow Clemson, both inside and outside the program waited. Many not so quietly to see what the head coach had to say. The who, what, when, and how of the monumental tasks he faced. I said last week, I could not personally think of only one other head coach that could face such a jigsaw puzzle while blindfolded and efficiently and effectively put it back together. That in no small order is exactly what Swinney did, yesterday.

I had grown tired and frustrated at those that shared their belief that ‘Dabo’s got this.’ It sounded contrite, almost rote, and repetitive. While the final verdict is out on the success of his efforts, fans, especially me, should refrain from doubting this human dynamo. Last night, before I went to sleep, I realized the totality of what had happened in the past eight days and I felt a strange sense of relief, satisfaction, and completion.

No one knows exactly where the future of this program will lead but honestly, that’s for another discussion. However, the Clemson faithful can now breathe deeply again with hope. In the grand scheme of things this might seem trivial and maybe so. However, in a world where there’s so much chaos in most everything, it’s comforting to see that in Clemson, calm was restored, if only for the moment.

Clemson, good bad or indifferent, possesses one the most passionate, devoted fanbases in all of college football. While owed nothing, Swinney’s press conference gave those listening, something positive to build their new dreams upon. His presence, his words were reassuring. A sense of normalcy again prevails throughout those hills and it feels good.

So, today when the Early Signing Day yields the next class of recruits, no matter the quality or quantity of it, it should show Clemson is still Clemson and it always will be that special place for fans. New and old. I’m excited about and I’m focused on the future and I’m telling anyone that will listen, Don’t worry, as always, ‘Dabo’s got this.’

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