Clemson Football: Professor CT Junkie’s Week 12 Prognostications, Timing is Everything

Class, I’ll start off with one word that sums up last week perfectly, WOW!!! Lots of shifting, lots of shuffling in an out of the Top-10 and beyond. Many close games, some too close for the Professor and the losses amongst the mighty, Chokelahoma in particular, it’s getting interesting. The Professor knew those Sooners were always good for at least one choke a season. Who knows, this season, maybe two? There’s lots to go over regarding this week so let’s get started.

No. 7 Michigan State vs. No. 4 Ohio State

This matchup is going to go one of two ways. It will either a blowout by one team or a scrappy, hard fought down to the wire slugfest. The Professor has a feeling it’s more likely the latter scenario.

The Battle of “The Rust Belt” is one the Professor will be watching closely with his one good eye. After an early, sluggish start, the Buckeyes have steadied and with playing in Columbus, that is a good indicator of the outcome.

Mel Tucker’s Spartans fell victim to the B1G Giant Killer Purdue several weekend’s ago. However, don’t dismiss these Spartans as broken. They possess the skill and talent to crack the Nuts. The timing of this game, Michigan’s yearly battle with Ohio State looms on the horizon, might create some interesting storylines. Maybe the nuts could be focused on the future? As always, toss ups always go to the home team therefore The Professor’s Flunkie, Michigan State

Syracuse vs. No. 20 NC State

Timing and a sense of urgency are both in play when Dino Babers’ Orange roll into Raleigh. Despite their won/loss tally, this is a capable team. They’ve had as tough a year as the Professor’s favorite team yet, they go out and just compete.

The devil, Dave Doeren, is still looking for excuses and imaginary reasons why his Wolfpack lost to Wake Forest. It’s his constant fallback position to believe his team’s assured victory was somehow, maliciously stolen. That’s just who he is. While most smart money is on the Wolfpack don’t forget timing with NC State meeting rival UNC next Saturday. Who knows where the Pack’s focus might be? The Professor just can’t bring himself to prognosticate a victory for the Pack. In a foolish gesture but one done with integrity and consistency, CT’s Favorite Flunkie, NC State.

Iowa State vs. No. 13 Oklahoma

Ahh…There is a tad of normalcy in the 2021 college football circus-like season. Yes, Oklahoma choked. As certain as the daily sunrise, Oklahoma never disappoints.

Iowa State has some impressive victories and some head scratching losses this season. However, don’t sell these Cyclones short, they’ve still got some “blow” left in them. With the Sooner Schooner being somewhat top heavy, the Professor could see a big gust toppling it over but that won’t happen, not this week. Again, in the theme of the week, timing could be a factor. That aside, the Professor’s Flunkie in this one, Iowa State.

No. 10 Wake Forest vs. Clemson

This 2021 edition of the Clemson Tigers can best be compared to the “Bad News Bears” in that absolutely nothing has gone as planned. As the Tigers’ offense, a mere shadow of its former greatness, struggles and points have been hard to come by, the Professor hopes BT Potter has spent extra time in “leg days” in the weight room, he’ll be needed if the Tigers even have a whisper of a chance to deal with Dave Clawson’s Angry Baptists.

Wake Forest is in the driver’s seat in the ACC Atlantic race and they’ve got the weapons to battle through anything the Tigers can muster BUT don’t forget this stout Clemson defense. This defense and BT Potter’s leg might prove the difference in this Death Valley match-up.

The Professor has to believe even the “Bad News Bears” have to get a break every now and again. The Professor’s hopeful Flunkie, Wake Forest.

No. 9 Oklahoma State vs. Texas Tech

Mike Gundy, mullet and all, is a modern day Gunslinger. He has his Oklahoma State Cowboys primed and ready for an old west shootout. He has his Rustlers well positioned in the Top Ten. The Professor fears the outmatched, coachless Red Raiders might lose this gun battle.

There is a glimmer of hope for the Raiders and again it’s about timing. This game is the lead up to next week’s Bedlam matchup between Oklahoma and the Cowboys and one has to believe this game might be overlooked but that’s probably just a pipe dream for The Red Raiders. The Professor’s Flunkie, Texas Tech.

No. 21 Arkansas vs. No. 2 Alabama

The Crimson Tide, after their lone defeat at the hands of the Texas A&M Aggies, have righted the ship and the Red Elephants are marching towards another berth in the SEC Championship, yet again.

The Razorbacks have had a great season and despite a few falls, they’ve always picked themselves up and remained focused. However, no Razorback is going to stop this herd of Red Elephants. Unfortunately, timing plays no factor in this one, CT’s Flunkie, Arkansas.

Virginia vs No. 18 Pittsburgh

Well, the ACC Coastal yearly carousel is in full speed as the Cavilers enter Ketchup Land to tackle the Pitt Panthers. The Professor is a praying man, and has asked for immediate karma with regards to Pat Narduzzi and his Panthers. Their post game hubris and trolling of the Professor’s favorite team has to yield some negative karma, right?

Moving on to the actual game at hand, this Virginia team has been up and down yet are in second place in the Coastal Division. That will prove little in the scheme of things, as tenth year senior Kenny Pickett will thwart any counter attack the Cavilers might offer. Unfortunately, the Professor’s Flunkie in this one, outside karma, Virginia.

Auburn vs. South Carolina

The Professor looks at this matchup and thinks, after losing to a pitiful Missouri team, how can the Clucksters pull off a victory? Well, the Auburn offense was dealt a death blow last week as their veteran quarterback Bo Nix went down with a broken ankle. Some teams have all the luck, Clucksters included.

I don’t think under normal circumstances Shane Beamer’s Clucks would stand a chance but given the current condition of the Auburn, rudderless offense, they’re probably going to walk to victory. Again, timing does offer some hope for Auburn. The Clucksters might be looking ahead towards their next game against an injury riddled Clemson Tiger team. Like a child, salivating for a pacifier, these Clucks are drooling, just dreaming of beating the Tigers.

It pains the Professor to admit, Auburn will most likely be the Flunkie in this one.

No. 6 Michigan vs. Maryland

There isn’t a prognosticator worth his weight in manure that could look at this matchup and not believe it could end any other way than with a Wolverine victory but this Professor, old, tired and his clouded mind still thinks timing could make a difference.

Coach Khaki Pants has proven, given an unlimited amount of both time and resources, anyone can win. However, given that the season for Michigan would be hollow if they lost next week’s matchup with their hated arch rivals, the Buckeyes. They’ve been secretly planning and looking forward all season to next week. Maryland might be the beneficiary of being overlooked. The Professor, in spite of the hopes and dreams of millions of college football fans, knows who is the obvious Flunkie, Maryland.

Well, the strain on the brain of this 96 year old Professor is showing, he’s falling asleep at the lectern so, it’s time to call it a day and maybe thoughts of retirement creep in his future. It doesn’t take but one good eye to see most of his once brimming class has left to enter the academic transfer portal. It’s tough getting old and even tougher to know it’s true. Regardless, he’ll still be here for next week’s slate and the Bowl season. You never know what the recuperative effects this off season might bring. So, enjoy the games, safe travels and may your favorite team, never again be a Flunkie.

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