Clemson Proving NIL Can be Used For More Than Just Padding Pockets

In a college atmosphere where many feel that athletes are now going to become even more entitled because of the new NIL rules, it’s good to see one Tiger using it to help out the less fortunate.

It’s easy to see that there has definitely been a line drawn in the sand when it comes to those that are for and against the NIL. Both sides can come up with all kinds of reasons for their position, like it hurts the “college feel” comments from those that are against it and the “the students deserve to make money off of their name like the NCAA does” by those in support of it.

With that war ongoing with no end in sight, it’s nice to see that Clemson freshman running back Will Shipley looks like he’s found a way to use it to help not only himself, but others as well, proving it can be used for good.

Shipley announced in a tweet this week that he is partnering with Tigertown Graphics on a clothing line known as the Sh1p Happens collection. The deal helps out the Levine Children’s Hospital in Charlotte, NC, a hospital near Shipley’s hometown of Weddington, NC.

The shirt line is thought to have come from a comment made by head coach Dabo Swinney earlier this month in reference to Shipley’s unrelenting play. He mentioned wanting to get T-shirts with the “Ship Happens” phrase on it. Swinney made the comment during his weekly radio show on Nov. 1. Shipley is currently Clemson’s leading rusher and has had 438 total yards on 93 carries with seven touchdowns through their first nine games.

The question still remains whether the NIL will be a help or a hinderance to the overall college landscape and that will probably not be answered in the near future. But it is good to see a Tiger using it in this fashion.

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