Clemson Football: Professor CT Junkies Week 11 Flunkies

As with most weeks, last weekend was full of surprises and the Professor loves surprises. Things on campus, after the storms earlier this season, seems to be settling in to a new sense of normalcy. Only time will tell if the good mood felt by all will continue but as the Professor always says, enjoy and savor the moment.

Now, let’s unveil this weeks list of Flunkies.

North Carolina vs. No. 25 Pittsburgh

Well, North Carolina knocked off Wake Forest in an awesome display of offense the Professor hasn’t seen the likes of in a while, but it leaves this old Professor to ask, “where is the defense?” That’s a question that will have to be answered before this season is over for both of these squads. Offense wins games but defense wins Championships.

The Professor’s profund dislike for Pittsburgh head coach Pat Narduzzi, him being an arse doesn’t factor in this prognostication. He and tenth year senior quarterback Kenny Picket will do their best to knock the Tarheels off cloud nine and the Professor believes they probably will> The Professor’s Flunkie, North Carolina.

No. 6 Oklahoma vs. No. 16 Baylor

The Baylor Bears have looked impressive this year even factoring in last week’s loss to TCU. The Professor knows, an angry Horned Frog can be a dangerous thing. However, these Frogs can hang with the big boys from Okey.

The Professor has grown tired of waiting on Oklahoma to choke, maybe this year will be different but don’t forget about the Frogs. This game could be interesting but then again, it might not, but one things for sure, there will be points. Lots of points and the Sooners will end this shootout with more. CT’s Flunkie, TCU.

No. 9 Michigan vs. No. 23 Penn State

The Professor has mentioned before Michigan head coach Jim Harbaugh, aka coach Khaki Pants, has been on top of his game this season. No sarcasm laced interviews, no UFO conspiracy theories explored. So far he’s been strangely normal. However, despite the trip up against the Michigan State Spartans, the Wolverines have been impressive.

Penn State started like a whirlwind but has since been reduced to a slight blow. The Professor’s love of geography is always on his mind and he believes Happy Valley might prove the perfect geographical location for an upset. The Professor’s Upset Flunkie, Michigan.

No.1 Georgia vs. Tennessee

The Tennessee fans showed their ugly side several weeks ago against their arch enemy and former head coach Lane Kiffen. After apologies were made and internal investigations concluded, it was decided they might have to forfeit the game the next time the ugly shows.

Against Kirby Smart’s Dawgs, no matter forfeit or playing, no matter how ugly, there is no chance of anything but a big fat “L”. The Professor’s obvious Flunkie, Tennessee.

Purdue vs. No. 4 Ohio State

The Boilermakers proved once again to be the giant killers of the B1G by knocking off the Michigan State humbled Spartans. This begs the question, “Do they have one more in them?” Fans everywhere, except the state of Ohio, hope they do.

Make no mistake, the Professor is well aware of the lofty ranking held by the nuts but that’s not all it’s cracked up to be. At best, Ohio State has looked hesitant and unimpressive some weeks. Will they muster up a great game? That is the big question in this contest. The Professor, being an academician knows lightning rarely, if ever strikes twice in the same place, this Flunkie, giant killer or not, Purdue.

No. 11 Texas A&M vs. No. 12 Ole Miss

The Grove in Oxford will be all “abuzz” come Saturday night as the Aggies come to town. They’re next door neighbors in the first College Football Playoff rankings at No. 11 and No. 12 and sometimes neighbors just don’t get along. As if anyone could ever get along with Lane Kiffen as their neighbor, geez.

That said, the game will come down to this one particular question, can Jimbo Fisher’s Aggies stop the high flying three-ringed Rebel Circus. The Professor has already seen the Aggies tame the Big Red Elephants, so what makes anybody think they can’t handle a few acrobatic Rebels. The Professor’s Flunkie, Ole Miss.

Clemson vs. University of Connecticut

Dabo Swinney’s Tigers went into the Bluegrass State to take on the Louisville Cardinals and came away with a much needed win. It’s been a tough year thus far but the Professor believes all Dabo’s Tigers have to do is to win.

The UConn Huskies will present little in the way of a challenge for the Tigers as they will likely be little more than cannon fodder. Ole CT’s Flunkie, Connecticut.

No. 21 NC State vs. No. 13 Wake Forest

After last week’s loss to the Tarheels, Wake Forest has to pick themselves up and dust off their choir robes because the Wolfpack is coming and they’ve got to be ready.

Dave Doeren and his ‘Pack believe they are the rightful heir apparent to the ACC Champions Crown. Heck, they’ve already crowned themselves. But not so fast friends, the Angry Baptist still have a say in this matter and when the Deacon speaks the Wolfpack might not like what they hear. Delightfully, the Professor’s Flunkie in this one, Dave Doerens Wolfpack.

Mississippi State vs. No.16 Auburn

As some of you have read in previous prognostications, The Pirate Mike Leach is one you can ever count out. He is an offensive guru, capable of conjuring up the perfect play at the perfect time. Simply put, he’s a genius with a great sarcastic sense of humor.

However, the Professor is grounded in reality and knows no amount of humor or sarcasm will change the probable outcome of this one. Auburn has more than proven they’re the fourth best team in the SEC West Division. The Professor’s final Flunkie of week 11, Mississippi State.

Well folks, as you can see there are a few surprises among this weeks Flunkies and that always makes prognosticating fun. Like the days, the season keeps getting shorter and shorter and that is bittersweet but again, we must live in the moment and enjoy what’s left of our favorite sport, college football. Until next week, enjoy the games, stay warm and may your team never ever be a Flunkie again. TTFN

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