Clemson at Louisville: Will Today be the Day, That’s the Million Dollar Question

It’s only a few hours before the Clemson Tigers take the field against the Louisville Cardinals. One only needs to read all the build-up articles surrounding this match-up to know this Louisville team may present similar challenges as almost all of the Tigers previous opponents. A “problem” QB, Malik Cunningham, has the potential to do the almost miraculous when the ball is in his hand.

While the Tigers’ defense has been the saving grace for this team this season, one has to wonder, “is today the day when this defense, beaten and battered, reaches its breaking point?” Tiger fans everywhere don’t even want to consider such a possibility but it’s worth being whispered.

This 2021 offense has looked lost, hesitant all season. It’s been like watching a rudderless sailboat, in a gale, trying to reach the shore. However, each week’s improvement, no matter how small, has made a difference and again the hopeful ask “is today the day” this offense breaks out of it self-imposed cage and show more improvement? The only answer that applies here is a firm, maybe.

If, the offense rises and the defense maintains the status quo, this team could surely come back home with a much needed victory. A victory that would keep the hope alive, however minuscule, of securing their seventh straight ACC Championship. However, this team, understands it’s precarious situation and is focused only at the task at hand. That is today’s game.

As the 7:30 kickoff approaches, this team and their fans have but one hope above all others, that this will be the day when things start to go right. They’ve heard and felt the discontent of some of their more vocal fans and in their heart, they know better than anyone what they must do, WIN.

As fans assemble their home tailgate fixin’s and get their lucky gameday wardrobe ready, that question gets stronger and stronger in the collective thoughts of all, is today the day? Yes, it has to be that day but Tigers everywhere will have to wait, albeit impatiently, for the answer to that million dollar question.

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