Clemson Football: Professor CT Junkie’s Week 10 Prognostications

The sun seems to be shining brighter on campus these days. The light, cool mornings greet those of us with early morning classes, like the Professor. The wind blowing gently at the backs of all. Yes, even Mother Nature seems relived that the Professor’s favorite team showed some degree of offensive acumen last Saturday.

It was a great weekend. The Professor is hoping for more of the same this Saturday. Here’s the list of the Week 10 Flunkies.

Liberty vs. No. 15 Ole Miss

Hugh Freeze will make his return to Oxford this weekend. He’s a brave fellow. During his tenure, the Rebels were found in violation of multiple NCAA infractions and he was fired for those infractions but everybody gets a chance at redemption. So it was for Coach Freeze. He found redemption at Jerry Falwell’s University, Liberty. He’s done quite well, too.

He rides into his old stomping grounds to face Lane Kiffen and now, his Rebels. After last week’s spanking by Auburn, one might assume humility fills the Grove but that’s not Kiffin’s style. He’s brash, over the top confident and he doesn’t mind who knows it.

This game, with all the interesting back stories, could be interesting but the Professor is almost certain when the final whistle sounds, the Liberty Flames will slowly limp back home. CT’s Flunkie: Jerry’s Kids, Liberty

No. 10 Wake Forest vs. North Carolina

Last Saturday, Mack Brown’s Tarheels travelled to South Bend to play the Pope’s favorite team. While they played the Irish a good game, the ominous stares of Touchdown Jesus proved too much.

Dave Clawson and his Fighting bunch of Baptist blew the doors off Poor Old Duke this past weekend. While it was expected, it’s still shocking to see Wake Forest ranked in the top ten. This season for many reasons, is bizarre but to see the Demon Deacons in rarefied air is unbelievable. Deserved but still head scratchingly unbelievable.

The Professor believes the outcome of this contest is hinged on one factor. If Wake Forest shows up for this game, they win, period. So, the Flunkie is no secret in this one: North Carolina.

No. 12 Auburn vs. No. 13 Texas A&M

After a handsome victory last week against Ole Miss, the Tiger War Eagles are flying high. It’s been a good inaugural season for Coach Brian Harsin. He’s brought Auburn back to prominence after the financially failed eight year, Gus Malzahn experiment. However, the Tiger War Eagles need to beware when entering Aggieland on Saturday.

Jimbo Fisher’s Aggies are still riding high after punching the Alabama Elephants in the trunk earlier this season. I suspect the outcome of this contest (as all toss ups do) will hinge on geography. When it’s too close to call, the Professor always goes with the home team. Using that logic, the Professor’s Flunkie in this one: Auburn

No. 1 Georgia vs. Missouri

There are those things you just have to do. Put your nose to the grindstone and push. This is the task for both teams in this matchup. Georgia must welcome, tolerate and obliterate the Missouri Tigers. It’s outcome is almost a guaranteed victory for the Dawgs.

Poor Missouri can do little but endure being the Dawgs weekly whipping boy. The Dawgs are rollin’ and the Professor sees little chance to slow them down. CT’s obvious Flunkie: Poor Old Missouri

Clemson vs. Louisville

Smarter men than the Professor are prognosticating a Tiger victory by the slimmest of margins but that’s good enough. Louisville and Clemson have played some memorable games in recent years that had major implications for the College Football Playoff, but not this one.

It’s been a difficult year for both squads and the difficulties will most probably continue for both. But in this matchup, the Professor has a strong hunch the smarter prognosticators are right. The Professor’s Flunkie: Louisville

No. 5 Michigan State vs. Purdue.

The Spartans defeated the now deflated Captain Khaki Pants last Saturday and the Professor is left amazed at Mel Tucker’s team and where they stand in the college football scheme of things. They have done a remarkable job thus far.

Purdue, the giant killer of the B1G will work hard to live up to that reputation this weekend but it’ll be a futile effort. The Spartans are real Warriors and the Boilermakers are little more than a moniker. Professor CT Junkie’s Flunkie: Purdue

No. 2 Cincinnati vs.Tulsa

Games like this are a pleasure to prognosticate, the outcome so obvious, words of description are unnecessary. However, the obvious Flunkie, Tulsa, will forever be a part of College Football history. Their name will appear on the record, in perpetuity, of the first Group of Five team to be included in and likely to win the CFB National Championship. There, you heard it first from this old, one good eyed prognosticator, Cincinnati will win the 2021 National Championship.

No. 22 Penn State vs. Maryland

James Franklin and his Nittany Lions have fallen hard from grace and the Professor can completely relate. It’s been painful and tough. However, this matchup with Maryland could be just the bounce back this team needs.

Maryland’s season has been somewhat disappointing but that’s normal for Terrapin fans, being disappointed. The Professor sees more disappointment in their immediate future. Old CT’s FlunkieL Maryland

North Carolina State vs. Florida State

It’s no big secret amongst his friends and colleagues, the Professor strongly dislikes NC State head coach Dave Doeren and loves to see him crushed like a gnat on a windshield. His Wolfpack have had a great year so far but they do have a big divisional matchup in two weeks with Wake Forest. Which might bode well for the Seminoles. To be overlooked is a painful thing. It shows a lack of respect. However, the Seminoles might not mind being overlooked by the Wolfpack this Saturday.

The Professor believes Dave Doeren is so cocky and still on a contact high from defeating Clemson, they will assume Florida State will end up with the “L.” You know what they say about assuming, “it makes an arse out of you and me.” In this case the Seminoles will make Dave Doeren and his Wolfpack the real arse in this one. The Professor’s Favorite Flunkie: North Carolina State

As the days get shorter and the nights get colder, the Professor has had to change his sleep cycle. He will most probably be asleep before his head hits his pillow. However, he will be wide awake come Saturday as he watches and hopes his favorite team comes away victorious. Enjoy your weekend, safe travels and may your favorite team, never again be a Flunkie. See y’all next week.

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