Clemson Football: Professor CT Junkie’s Week 9 Prognostications

Oh boy, what a season. The Professor is finding it hard to stay focused enough to even teach this class. However, never fear, this old man is a warrior, tried and true and I do have an obligation to teach the next generation of Manure Managers. It’s a skill that is important in our world, especially these days. So, let’s check out this weeks Flunkies.

Miami vs. No. 17 Pittsburgh

After last week, both teams were victorious. Miami defeated NC State to give them some much needed street cred. Pitt and their arrogant, asinine coach, handily defeated the hapless, wandering Clemson Tigers. Coach Asinine will regret his post game comments, of this I’m sure. To paraphrase his words Karma is a witch.

As the Professor see’s it, both teams, after emotional victories are due for a letdown game. However, with this one being played in Ketchup Land and with 10th year senior, Kenny Pickett, I suspect the Hurricanes will travel back to Miami with a “W.” The Professor’s Flunkie, Miami.

No. 6 Michigan vs. No. 8 Michigan State

This is going to be a great match-up pitting two teams destined for greatness. Or so they hope. Mel Tucker’s Spartans are the surprise team of the year and getting better each week.

Captain Khaki Pants ain’t doing too bad himself this year. The Professor admits, only in private, that the Wolverines might actually be as good as they’ve always claimed to be and it shows.

East Lansing will welcome their Michigan Brothers with open arms. It will be a showcase of the Spartan experience. The game will be extremely close but one team has to lose and the Professor has his choice made. CT’s Flunkie, Michigan.

No. 1 Georgia vs. Florida

The world’s largest cocktail party, as this yearly match-up is referred to, could be surprisingly interesting. The Professor suspects the Gators will be a handful this Saturday and so will the Dawgs. They’re living life large, ordering triple martinis and expect they will wipe out anyone, they’re invincible. Hold on, not so fast.

The Dawgs may sit on the throne of CFB but they could get de-throned if they’re not careful. Dan Mullen does know how to coach and to win so anything can happen. The Professor also knows the Dawgs have been known to choke on any given week and this just might be the week. So, I believe, when the whistle blows, it’ll be the Dawgs wearing the “big hurt shirt“ CT’s Flunkie, Georgia.

Troy vs. No. 24 Coastal Carolina

This past summer’s biker weekend afforded the Professor a chance to take to the Highway on his vintage Vespa. Oh, the sites and the places that beautiful piece of moped genius can take you. After a long 12 hour trip, the Professor stopped by Coastal’s Brooks Stadium for a night under the stars.

The French chickens have a cute little stadium, that’s almost as big as Spring Valley High School’s. It’s weird, the teal field reminded old CT teal green isn’t in his color wheel but that’s fine. Anybody knows, it’s neither the size nor color of the boat that matters, it’s the engine and the Teal Warriors got a big, dang engine.

Troy is no one’s whipping boy. They play hard and they play smart and will make this a great, entertaining game for the 2500 or so fans that are sober enough to witness it. No matter the number, it is going to be close but as one might expect, the highest and only ranked team in South Carolina will be victorious. The Professor’s Flunkie, Troy.

No. 10 Ole Miss vs. No. 18 Auburn

Maybe, just maybe, Lane Kiffin is finally where he needs to be, he’s proven that much at Ole Miss. They look to be the third or fourth best team in the SEC West and they are pumped to head to the plains of Alabama to take on the fifth or sixth best team in that same division.

The War Eagles are a pretty good team of birds and after the off the field rough start for Bryan Harsin, they seem capable of beating the Rebels. However, maybe next year the Auburn faithful can roll the transplanted native South Carolina trees on Toomer’s Corner but not this Saturday night. The Professor’s Flunkie in this one, Auburn.

No. 20 Penn State vs. No. 5 The Ohio State University

The Nittany Lions of Happy Valley aren’t as happy as they once were earlier this season. Losing has a way of changing things a bit. They had visions of proving their greatness but unfortunately their plans got changed. And in something like 99 overtimes, no less.

The Buckeyes, after a sputtering start seem to be peaking right on schedule. They’re almost a lock to play all of their games this season and most probably will win them all, but the one. Those victories will lead them exactly where the B1G wants them, in the CFB Playoff. That said, the Professor is pretty sure the Nittany Lions don’t have the luxury of being the darlings of the conference, like someone else we know. Therefore, CT’s Flunkie, in an almost foregone conclusion, Penn State.

North Carolina vs. No. 11 Notre Dame

Coach Mack Brown, aka “Magic Mack” has lost the magic. Every time his Tarheels go up a step, they fall back three. Almost like the Clemson offense. It’s surly been a tough season for the Heels and their former Heisman hopeful Sam Howell. This week, playing underneath “Touchdown Jesus,” don’t expect the magic to return.

Old Mr. Personality, Bryan Kelly, and his Irish have something more powerful than mere magic, they have luck. Unless that Golden Horseshoe falls out their arse, I don’t see a magical scenario for the Tarheels to pull out this one. The Professor’s Flunkie, North Carolina.

Texas Tech vs. No. 4 Oklahoma

It’s amazing what a simple change can do for a team. After benching Spencer Rattler, Lincoln Riley’s Sooners are looking better. He’s proven for anyone to see, change is a good thing. It also helps to have a five-star freshman sitting on the bench.

Texas Tech has also benched a part of their team hoping for a change as well. Former coach Matt Wells wasn’t just benched but shown the door and in mid season, and just like Rattler’s Heisman hopes, he’s gone. Who knows, maybe he and Spencer Rattler will find their Nirvana via the Transfer Portal. The conclusion of this ditty is simple. The old Professor’s Flunkie, Texas Tech.

No. 12 Kentucky vs. Mississippi State

Starkville can be a scary place. Those weird, obnoxious cowbells, the sweet smell of fresh manure that permeates the town and Mike Leach’s schizophrenic Bulldogs. It’s daunting to face all of those even for the No. 12 Wildcats.

The Professor loves his Pirate friend, Mike Leach, but understands even the best of friends can admit the other is wacky. Leach’s Bulldogs have been wacky and I don’t suspect Mike Stoops and his Wildcats will be in much distress in this one. The Professor’s Flunkie, Mississippi State.

Florida State vs. Clemson

The Professor has to come clean here. He is breaking from his normal nine prognostications to include a tenth. He was going to withhold his prognostication for this game for obvious reasons. However, the need to always be true to ones roots is the reason for its inclusion.

It has been a frustrating and injury plagued season for Dabo Swinney’s Clemson Tigers. From what the Professor is hearing around Campus, the West Zone will become an on site hospital to render immediate medical care for the almost unbelievable number of injuries. It could prove to be a very smart move. Yet another cutting edge facility for the Tigers.

Florida State comes into The Valley trending up. Putting that into proper perspective, they also come with a target on their backs. In an almost farcical episode in this long standing rivalry, last years game was cancelled due to COVID-19 (HaHa). So I’m sure that points to a highly motivated group of Tigers taking the field for Saturday’s contest.

The outcome, quite honestly, is of little consequence as both teams are playing for little more than pride and the spirit of competition. That said, the Professor believes this bunch of Tigers possess a clear edge. The Professor’s Flunkie, Florida State.

My work here is done and the weekend is quickly approaching. The Professor has decided to head for the peace and solitude of the Mountains for his own safety. Always having a doomsday survival plan, if the sky does indeed fall on Saturday, he’ll be a safe, healthy distance from ground zero, holed up in a cave. Y’all enjoy the games as best you can and be safe. Here’s to hoping your favorite team won’t be a four-time Flunkie. See y’all next week.

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