Legend Series: Jeff ‘The Judge’ Davis; True Builder of Clemson Men

Often times, a legend isn’t just born on the field of play but also in the way they live life off the field.

Every legend is described in many ways but it’s a legend’s legend that is described as a builder of humanity. That term perfectly describes Jeff Davis, Clemson’s builder of men.

His notable college career, his five year stint in the NFL, and all the on the field accomplishments set him apart. All-American, Team Captain, Orange Bowl and National Champion, MVP. A truly impressive resume by anyone’s standards.

For some, that would be enough but a legend never quits, never surrenders to what used to be. They remake, redirect, rebrand themselves into what the world around them needs. Such a person is selfless, driven and generous. Davis embodies all that and more.

Along with having been elected to the Clemson Ring of Honor, Davis was inducted into the Clemson Hall of Fame in 1989 and the South Carolina Hall of Fame in 2001. He was named to Clemson’s Centennial football team in 1996 and was inducted into the College Football Hall of Fame in December of 2007. Davis currently works for Clemson as assistant athletic director and Director of The P.A.W. Journey. He was honored with the “Use Your Life” Award from Oprah Winfrey’s Angel Network in 2001 for his work with the “Call Me Mister” program at Clemson.

“Call Me Mister” was the precursor to the Nationally recognized P.A.W. Journey. It is a leadership initiative that develops Clemson Football scholar-athletes through personal growth, life skills, and professional development. P.A.W., an acronym for “Passionate About Winning,” encourages football student leaders to maintain a continually competitive posture towards all aspects of the journey of life. This journey prepares each young man to apply their leadership, while also challenging them to seek new victories in their careers, communities, and households. PA.W. Journey consists of pillars, each specializing in areas of development.

Typical of all legends, while proud of his accomplishments he remembers his roots, remembers how far he’s come and the lives he’s touched. The ultimate goal of the P.A.W. Journey is to help build successful men, citizens, husbands and father’s for their life after football. From all accounts, it’s been extremely successful.

Whether you Call him Mister, The Judge or Legend, that’s fine but to his two greatest accomplishments, his twins, JD and Judah, both former Tigers themselves, he’s simply called Dad. It’s safe to say, there will probably never be another Clemson Legend like Jeff Davis, he’s one of a kind builder of not just men but Clemson Men. A job he’s very well suited for and one that makes Clemson, and those around him better people and a much more special place.

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