Clemson Goes Down in Flames at Pitt: Rapid Reactions

For all intents and purposes, the Clemson season is over. About the only thing left on the table is a win over Uof SC and even that isn’t a given.

Clemson fell 27-17 to Pitt on Saturday, the Tigers third loss of the season, which means they will not play for a seventh straight ACC Championship.

Rapid Reactions:

  • This offense is just brutal. While the quarterback play has been less that stellar without question, there are far more issues than that. The receivers look like they are just going through the motions. They play with no fire. At least six more drops tonight. None more critical than Will Shipley’s on a perfectly thrown ball that would have put Clemson up 14-0 early. Pitt was already reeling, catch that ball and who knows what might have happened.
  • For all those clamoring for Tausin Phommachanh, you got him tonight. The results were no different. These team has far more issues than quarterback play. It’s those issues, in part, that the quarterback play has been what it’s been.
  • Lost in all this will be the fact that Clemson averaged 5.5 yards per carry running the ball.
  • After a very good start, the defense started getting torched in that second half. Allowing Kenny Pickett to get comfortable and in a rhythm was something they could not do and that is exactly what happened. Some of it was due to guys starting to wear down at the end but some of the issues started before halftime.
  • If Clemson was going to have a shot the defense needed to be just a little better. Pitt racked up 464 yards of offense, and I thought the Tigers needed to hold them to under 400 coming in.
  • It’s just one thing after another for this offense. Missed blocks, dropped passes, inaccurate passes. The blocking on the perimeter by the wideouts is terrible. Ajou Ajou is infuriating to watch. Remember when the receivers took pride in their blocking?
  • Justyn Ross is better on the boundary than in the slot. That experiment has been a failure.
  • With the ACC no longer within reach, it’s time to start letting some of the younger guys that aren’t playing get their shot. Guys like Jake Briningstool and Troy Stellato. You do not have to burn their redshirts, but get them on the field and let them play in four games. It will help better prepare them for next season when they will absolutely be needed.
  • Be prepared, this team might not even beat Florida State next week. If it wasn’t already, the second half of the season should be treated like a rebuild year.

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