Clemson Football: Professor CT Junkie’s Week 8 Prognostications

*** The Professor is BACK and at his regularly scheduled time! Again, sorry for the delay last week.***

As weeks go, last week was questionable. Meaning, there aren’t near enough answers(at-least none anyone wants to hear). The blue haze of doubt hangs over campus like the stench over the Ag Barns. This Professor is no longer seeking answers or asking questions, it matters little about either, just surviving is sometimes all we can do.

I’ve been so abysmal at my prognostications, this week I’ve considered entering the transfer portal. I have heard it’s like a magic box that transports you to football heaven. Ole CT believes it’s more likely a cement box that drops you straight into football purgatory. Either way, I’m not going anywhere so, let’s get this class started.

No. 2 Cincinnati vs. Navy

This matchup is the first in what will be called “ the slim and none” edition.

The Bearcats are looking like world beaters and in this anomalous 2021 season, they could be a lock for the playoff. They dispensed of the Knights of UCF easily so, I’d imagine little, if anything could derail this train this weekend.

The Midshipman are an honorable bunch. They are among the best this country has to offer the world but not the football world. No they have, in the Professor’s best estimation two chances to win, slim and none. The Professor’s honorable Flunkie, Navy.

No. 16 Wake Forest vs. Army

Wake is playing very “un-Wake-like” and it’s impressive. They’ve still got several serious road blocks ahead that may keep them from the ACC Championship Game but not this week.

Army, also amongst the best this country has to give the world, might be in an interesting spot this weekend against the Fighting Baptist. That offense, is so archaic yet at the same time cutting edge, they can keep the ball away from their opponents for nearly the entire game. This one could be close and interesting but the Professor’s betting it won’t be. CT’s honorable Flunkie, Army.

Syracuse vs. Virginia Tech

Syracuse played their hearts out, yet again, to come up short, yet again. You have to believe something has got to go the Orange’s way. Good news, this might be the weekend.

Virginia Tech has had an up and down season and like an old pair of socks, they’re showing signs of wear and tear. However, this is 2021 and nothing is normal. So, the Professor will watch this one close, with his one good eye. It’ll be close but this Professor suspects this Flunkie is clear, Virginia Tech.

No. 3 Oklahoma vs. Kansas

In another “slim and none” game, the Sooners seem to have found solid ground under their cleats. They smashed TCU 52-31 and most probably will treat the poor, hapless Jayhawks worse. Again, Kansas has two chances to win this one, none and none. The Professor’s poor, pitiful Flunkie, Kansas.

Northwestern vs. No. 6 Michigan

Ole Khaki Pants has the Michigan faithful believing anything is possible. They’ve been impressive but trouble is on the horizon. But not this weekend.

Northwestern took care of Rutgers last weekend and could make this matchup interesting, at least for a half. The Professor just can’t see any scenario where the Wolverines get tripped up by Pat Fitzgerald’s Wildcats. Again, strange vibes are abound in this silly 2021 season so it could happen but very doubtful. The Professor’s Flunkie, Northwestern.

LSU vs. Ole Miss

There will be added security for both coaches this weekend after last weeks horrid display by the Tennessee fans. Lane Kiffin’s extra protection will be from any Rogue Volunteer Terrorist and Ed Ogeron’s extra protection will be from the LSU administration. They’ve already fired him but they do owe him $17M and as anyone whose ever the watched Discovery ID channel knows, accidents do happen. The game is not center stage this weekend, it’s the circus, also known as the coaching carousel.

Will LSU play one for coach and pull another upset or will they be demoralized by losing the head guy? The Professor believes the latter will most probably happens. Ole CT’s Flunkie, LSU.

Tennessee vs. No. 4 Alabama

In a bygone era, when the Professor wore a younger man’s clothes, this was a yearly slug fest. No more. After last week’s shameful temper tantrum, the Professor believes The Volunteers are done. The magic and the decorum have both left the building. Professor Junkie’s Flunkie, Tennessee.

South Carolina vs. Texas A&M

The Aggies handled Missouri without even breaking a sweat. The Clucksters were sweating out a victory against the mighty Commodores. Thanks to a missed field goal, they left victorious. This week, that will not be the case.

Jimbo Fisher is on a mission. He and his Aggies are trying to be the fourth best team in the SEC West and nothing will stop them, particularly the sad Clucksters. The Professor’s favorite Flunkie, South Carolina

Clemson vs. Pittsburgh

As the Professor has always claimed he can shovel BS with the best and after this prognostication, it’ll be even clearer. Pittsburgh, led by 10th year senior, Kenny Pickett, has looked like the team to beat. They’re offensive numbers are amazing. As the Professor sees it, this game is the tale of two unmovable forces and one immobile force, the Pitt offense, the Tiger defense and the Tiger offense.

Since early in the season, the Professor’s crystal ball has been cloudy at best, therefore, he’s been winging it. However, this game he needed some help. After consultation with the Crystal Ball Gods, I see clearly now. This game will be extremely close and being an unapologetic lover of all things Orange, the Professor sees the Flunkie of this game quite clearly, Pittsburgh. Whew, glad that’s over.

Well, after that shoveling this Professor needs a shower. Enjoy the games, have a great weekend and as always, may your favorite team never be a Flunkie. Until next weeks class, be safe.

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