FOX Analyst Calls Clemson Most Disappointing Team of 2021

Has Clemson been the most disappointing team so far in the 2021 season?

FOX analyst Matt Leinhart surely thinks so, naming the Tigers as his choice when asked last weekend for his thoughts on the subject.

“I’m going to go with Clemson,” Leinart said on FOX’ Big Noon Kickoff last Saturday. “Look, we just saw them barely win last night against Syracuse, they’re unranked for the first time since 2014 going into this week, the worst scoring offense in the ACC, one of the worst offenses in all of college football. This is a team that’s won national championships in the last five years, they have fallen so far in just one year, it’s obviously extremely disappointing their season so far.”

With Clemson being considered a lock for a seventh straight College Football Appearance before the season and now owning one of the worst offenses in all of the Power-5, the Tigers are the obvious answer to the question.

However, Dabo Swinney maintains that the Tigers offensive struggles mostly stem from execution issues and that at some point things will turn around for his team. Until then, the head coach is perfectly happy with riding Brent Venables defense, which once again is one of the best in the country.

“The defense is the strength of our team right now until our offense grows up a little bit and starts playing a little cleaner,” Swinney said. “And again, we did a lot of good things but you’ve got to find a way to win, that’s all we’re assigned to, whatever we got to do to win a game. Every week is a season of its own, it really is, that’s how you have to look at it. We’ve got a lot of inexperienced players offensively, a lot of moving parts, it’s hard to get continuity and rhythm when you have some of the critical mistakes that we’re having. But we’ve just got to keep working, keeping working and finding a way.”

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