Clemson Football: ‘What Are We Going to Do’

That’s the new introductory line of almost any conversation between Tiger faithful.

I’m sure, it’s uttered thousands of times a day. It’s reached the point where it’s no longer just a passing, rhetorical question asked amongst friends and family, it’s now being asked in sheer desperation almost begging for explanation. Longing and searching for any answer to the question.

First and foremost, luckily for the program, “we” fans aren’t in a position to “do” anything. This issue, except for those in the upper echelons of IPTAY and multi-million dollar gift giving, is way above any fan’s pay grade.

Happiness and contentment in life is finding “your” place and accepting and understanding your position. Fandom is at best an act of faith in the which most have no control of the outcome. However, even the most faithful among us have doubts of even our many blessings.

The last 10 years, the Clemson Family has been blessed to have seen the mountain top not once but twice. We’ve had virtually zero reason to doubt and it seems inconceivable that anyone should doubt now but we do. We are human.

However, humanity works both ways. These coaches, these players, despite their outward positive display and words, they must have doubts too, they are human.

So, to answer the ubiquitous, almost helplessly asked question “What are we going to do?” For this fan, there’s no clear answer because I can’t effect change. It’s hard enough for those that are in a place to effect needed changes. It’s called a quandary.

It’s hard enough for me to plan my tailgate spread each week so don’t expect a definitive answer from me. I guess when all seems topsy-turvy, here in 2021, the year that will live in Clemson infamy, we can always just accept our place and no matter how difficult, have faith in those that have given so much. I’m sure, God, also a Tiger, will see such faith and it will be much rewarded…please.

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