Clemson Football: Professor CT Junkie’s Week 7 Prognostications.

No, the Professor wasn’t running late this week. His work was turned in on time. However, due to circumstances beyond his control, his prognostications are running one day late this week. Expect him back in his usual spot, bright and early next Thursday morning!

Last weekend proves anything, absolutely anything is possible. The mighty have indeed fallen. Now that the red elephants have stumbled, the Professor is almost certain, their fall from grace won’t be too far down.

It was almost relaxing walking across a quiet, peaceful campus but like the winds, things can change quickly in these hills. It’s back to work for the old Professor and his favorite team. There’s lots to accomplish in a short time but I believe it can be done. So let’s get this week’s class started.

Clemson vs. Syracuse

After a week of rest and relaxation, the Tigers are hopefully ready for a trip to play the Syracuse Orange. Lots of recovery from injuries, lots of working on fundamentals and scanning the playbook will hopefully prove beneficial to the 3-2 Tigers. However, a trip up north to the Syracuse “thunder dome” is always tricky and always hot!

Syracuse (3-3) has come close in the last several weeks but have been victim of last second heroics by both Florida State and Wake Forest. Don’t be mistaken, Dino Baber’s team is capable of making the Tigers sweat. It’s nothing new but one has to think, without all that R&R the Tigers have had lately, the Orange might be all squeezed out. The Professor’s Flunkie, Syracuse.

No. 12 Oklahoma State vs. Texas

Texas has to be suffering from a near heart attack after their “free for all” last Saturday against Oklahoma. The Longhorns have little to be hurt about, they’ve always been the bridesmaid in Oklahoma’s wedding in recent memory. They’re going to fit in well in the SEC where they’ll both take their place as two of the bridesmaids in Alabama’s annual wedding.

Mike Grundy, or “Mr. Mullet,” and his Cowboys are 5-0 and playing well. Sorta well, anyways. They’ve played an underwhelming schedule but have managed to win them all. Even though they travel to Texas, these Cowboys won’t be trampled by the “running of Longhorns” in the streets of Austin. The Professor’s Flunkie, Texas.

Auburn vs. No. 17 Arkansas

Auburn took a licking from the Georgia Bulldogs at home last Saturday but that was to be expected. As of Sunday noon, the Dawgs are the current kings of the college football mountain. Auburn was unable to stop the herd of hounds that ran across the plains so what makes anyone think they could fair any better against Hogs?

Arkansas looked equal to Ole Miss last Saturday in every way except the score. They left a lot on the field against the Rebels, it was a tough loss. However, the Professor believes there’s plenty of life left in Sam Pittman’s team. They will be unfazed by that pesky bird flying overhead because it’s not a War Eagle, it’s a buzzard waiting for the kill. CT’s Flunkie, in a close one, Auburn.

No. 11 Kentucky vs. No. 1 Georgia

Kirby Smart’s Bulldogs are indeed, finally the big Dawgs of college football. They dispensed of the Auburn Tiger’s on the road this past Saturday. All is well in Athens but there is a possible change coming.

Mark Stoop’s upstart Wildcats come into the Dog Pound 6-0, just like the Dawgs. Factor in two constants into this equation and the correct answer is clear. First constant, the Professor knows Georgia has a penchant for choking at least once a year. Second constant, Kentucky can easily turn back into the old Kentucky in an instant. The answer to this equation is zero. As in Kentucky having Zero chance of beating the Dawgs. The Professor’s Flunkie , Kentucky.

Miami vs. North Carolina

Disappointment is the operative word when speaking of these two preseason ACC Titans. They aren’t the only two but with as much attention as these two have gotten this season, little has been good. Mack Brown is showing his age. Like the Professor, he’s old but looks ancient and one might suspect his time in Chapel Hill might be ending soon.

Manny Diaz is a young whippersnapper and still has a long career ahead of him. It might not be heading in the direction he, nor the Hurricanes would like but somethings are out of human control. The Canes have had a typical overhyped season.

Now both teams sitting at 2-3 could use a win, an infusion of hope. One will get it but it’ll most probably be meaningless in the long term. Both squads seem to be on life support and no infusion is going to cure their ills. Someone’s got to win and I suspect by sheer geography, the Tarheels will hobble to the victory circle. The Professor’s Flunkie, Miami.

No. 22 NC State vs. Boston College

Dave Doeren and the Wolves are riding high but this team is far from invincible. They’re most probably still riding the high from their franchise victory over Dabo Swinney’s Tigers. However, their high flying days might be nearing an end.

Boston College has battled hard and played a whale of a game two weeks ago in Death Valley coming up a little short. With the cool, crisp New England wind blowing off the Boston Harbor, the Wolfpack might go home with more than a cold, they may take home a big ole “L.” One can only hope. The Professor’s Flunkie, NC State.

Vanderbilt vs. South Carolina

Talk about an epic matchup. Two of the worst teams in the mighty SEC will meet in the annual “Door Mat Bowl.” Each have recieved their share of the ceremonial mats given to the loser. They adorn the entrances of most bathroom facilities throughout their respective campuses.

The Clucksters seem to be the least likely of the two to claim the title this year. Vanderbilt is in their usual, comfort zone, at the bottom. The Professor could be wrong, he sometimes is, but I suspect it’ll be another door mat game for the Commodores. The Professor’s Flunkie, Vanderbilt.

Pittsburgh vs. Virginia Tech

Coach Pat Narduzzi’s Pitt Panthers look like the team to beat in the ACC Coastal this season. With 10th year senior Kenny Pickett, the offense is scoring big. As a realist, the Professor understands all that glitters might not be gold.

Virginia Tech is a work in progress, as usual, and Justin Fuentes might have figured out how to win in a big game. They’ve just got to actually win one and this might be the week. Blacksburg can be a scary, loud place, unlike the tomb-like setting of Heinz Stadium, where the Panthers call home.

It’s going to be a battle and when the dust settles, the Professor believes the Hokies will outsmart or at least outlast the Panthers. Old CT’s Flunkie, Pittsburgh.

No. 5 Alabama vs. Mississippi State

After a rare loss it would be easy to assume Nick Saban’s Tide are humbled and downtrodden but nothing could be further from the truth. They’re just more dangerous in the Professor’s opinion. So there’s liable to be a bloody blowout in Starkville but…Not so fast, my friends.

Mike Leach has a way of doing the impossible. His offense has ways to score most others haven’t ever thought of but unless the defense can hold back the Tide, it could be bloodier that expected. The Professor is a part-time clairvoyant but a full-time realist. The Professor’s final Flunkie for week 7, Mississippi State.

Well, that’s about all this Professor has left in him today. As usual, about this time of the day, Ole CT’s mind starts to drift towards the smells coming from towards Pendleton. No, not the smells coming from the Ag Barns but rather the smell of a Double Cheeseburger with Chili and Slaw from Mac’s Drive-In. I’m cancelling the rest of my classes and headed that way. Until next week’s class, enjoy this weekend’s games and here’s hoping your favorite team is never a Flunkie.

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