Perspective Change: From Armchair to Couch, Misery Indeed Loves Company

It’s amazing how a change of perspective can be refreshing.

Feeling a little under the weather, I moved to the couch yesterday to watch an awesome bunch of games. When your team doesn’t play, you can save your emotions and energy and just enjoy. I did just that. Here are a few of my observations.

Alabama is no longer undefeated and that comes as a shock, at least to me. The Aggies humbled the Tide and the world, except for Alabama (and Columbia) erupted in joy. The Mighty are human. One game does not a season make but just think about this. Clemson has only lost 1 more game than Alabama and lost to the new No. 1 team by a pick six. Hmm, interesting.

The Big-10, the Big-12 and the SEC won the day for exciting games. The Iowa/Penn State matchup was a great one. Enjoyable and a little tearful. Watching as those little children fighting cancer stood in the windows and waved to the stadium, as the stands and players from both sides waved back was humanity at its best on full display. Everyone watching was reminded, the real battles in life aren’t played “between the lines.” It was a tit-for-tat game and I enjoyed every bit of it. It was actually sad that one team had to lose.

Nebraska gave Michigan everything they could handle and more. My dislike for Mr. Khaki pants aside, both teams looked worthy to have won. Michigan would hold on but Nebraska showed heart.

The Ole Miss and Arkansas matchup was a thing of offensive beauty. Both teams refused to give up, it was very entertaining. The decision to go for the two-point conversion by Arkansas Coach Sam Pittman with no time left on the clock was gutsy but unfortunately for the Hogs, fate had a different plan.

Georgia looks great. They went down to Auburn and played well despite their injuries. As much as it pains some of us, it’s official, Georgia is now the best team in the country. Remember that pick-six in early September? Hmmm, interesting.

Oklahoma and Texas, the two Big-12 turncoats played in the annual Red River Rivalry. It was a tale of two halves in which both proved to set up for an unbelievable finish. With the Oklahoma offense sputtering under former Heisman hopeful, Spencer Rattler, Lincoln Riley put in the back-up, Caleb Williams and the entire game changed. The final play summed up the entire game, it was breathtaking.

Wake Forest held on to defeat an inspired Syracuse team. The same team Clemson faces next week. After a week off to heal and rest, the Tigers will go into the Carrier Dome with a new spirit and enthusiasm. Bye weeks offers some clarity, reflection on what has happened thus far and build a new resolve to finish strong. Let’s hope that happens.

Our fowl rivals had a rough day but they did manage to score 20 points on Tennessee. However, that defense, the one the players touted preseason as impossible to figure out? It has to break their hearts that most teams already have. Tennessee’s 45 points proved that point quite well, and it could have been more.

I’ve got to admit, this couch is pretty comfortable. It’s also less exhausting than my Armchair. I didn’t have to coach, play, score nor throw criticism towards anyone. For the respective losing teams and fanbases, it’s no fun to watch as your mighty team stumbles, it’s miserable. It brings to mind that misery indeed loves company and I love that our misery has now spread to others. It was an interesting, entertaining and restful day on the couch. So much so, I might just stay here.

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