Clemson Football: Professor CT Junkie’s Week 6 Prognostications

The Professor’s favorite team has the week off and he was thinking about heading to the mountains but there’s a job to so and somebody has to do it. Things have been a little less noisy on campus since last Saturday night and for an old man, that’s a good thing.

The Professor is quite aware of his perceived failures in picking his Flunkies thus far but there’s a change a comin’. The Professor believes he’s found the most likely Flunkies for this weeks slate but as they say the “proof is in the cupcakes” so let’s start baking…

No. 13 Arkansas vs. No. 17 Ole Miss

Both of these two teams got walloped by their opponents last week, a humbling of sorts. Ole Miss spotted Alabama 28 points in the first half on some questionable play calling. If this was half a game, Ole Miss technically won the second half but being a game of two halves, Alabama won the entire game. The Rebels have a prolific offense but in the end, the Tide was the beneficiary of too many “gifts” from the Rebels high flying offense.

Arkansas saw the ugly side of the Junkyard. The Dawgs ripped the Hogs to shreds. The Professor doesn’t usually have a desire to head into Dawg country but that pulled, shredded pork must have been good eating at the Jawja post game tailgates.

This week, who knows? Both teams, nursing deep wounds and emotional scars, can react in different ways. The Professor suggest the Hogs might have the deeper wounds and most emotional pain than the Rebels. Therefore, the Professor’s most traumatized Flunkie…Arkansas.

South Carolina vs. Tennessee

The Clucksters struggled throughout their contest with Troy. I suspect there was “fowl play” involved in this game. The Clucksters were near victims of the old “Trojan Horse” maneuver. Fortunately, for the clucks, the horse was filled, not with Trojan Warriors but plastic, toy solders.

Tennessee just curb stomped the “Mighty Moe’s” last weekend and the Professor is both in awe and befuddled. Old CT asks, is Tennessee that good or is Missouri that bad? The answer might be revealed this weekend and I suspect the Clucks won’t like the answer. CT’s Flunkie…South Carolina.

No. 19 Wake Forest vs. Syracuse

The Professor has a fascination with rhymes, they’re fun, ingenious and catchy. However, he’s never thought of using the words “Wake” and “Great” in a rhyme. That is until this moment. Wake is great, plain and simple. Coach Dave Clausen has a secret weapon that has infused this 2021 Wake Forest team with excitement and energy.

That secret weapon you ask? Krispy Kreme Doughnuts. Winston Salem is the home of these round, delicious treats. The Professor feels excitement and energy every time he scarfs down a dozen himself.

Coach Dino Babers is a total class act and his outmanned Orangemen are building, hard. The Professor knows rebuilding quite well.

Syracuse, while a respectable 3-2 is most likely no match for this years edition of the Demon Deacons. Yeah, that’s one bad bunch of “Angry Baptists!”

As for the Professor’s love of rhyme, here’s one for you, “Great Wake will Abuse Syracuse.” The Professor’s rhyming Flunkie …Syracuse.

#6 Oklahoma vs. Texas

This edition of the “Red River Rivalry” is being played in Dallas at Jerry’s World. It might just be a fun park kind of game.

The Professor has been of the belief that Oklahoma would choke at some point in the season. They’ve been underwhelming but somehow still managed to win. The Professor suspects there is a “Golden Horseshoe” stuck somewhere in the Sooner’s Schooner.

Texas might have the most fun at Jerry’s World this Saturday. Coach Sarkasian has his Longhorns playing like what one would think a Texas team should look like. They’re one orange clad team tending upwards.

It’s a shame, at least for the Professor, that one of these two Big XII defectors has to win. Their secret elopement has a bad smell to it. Since anything can happen in this storied rivalry, The Professor’s Flunkie…Oklahoma.

Florida State vs. North Carolina

Florida State got their first win of the season last Saturday as the beat Syracuse. It was a great game that came down to a last second field goal to clinch the Seminoles their prize. Even though they’re a far cry from what used to be, the Professor see’s hope in Coach Mike Norvell’s Seminoles.

Mac Brown ‘s Tarheels whipped up on pitiful Duke to notch their third win this season. While a win is always better than a loss, it was Duke. The Tarheels have been, like a lot of ACC giants, underwhelming, but I don’t see them losing this one. Therefore, Professor Junkie’s Flunkie in this one…FSU.

No. 4 Penn State vs. No. 3 Iowa

This is setting itself up to be a Titanic matchup. Two top five teams, meeting on the plains of Iowa for what could be the premiere game in the Big XII, is going to be great.

Kirk Ferentz, the Dean of College Football Coaches has more than proven worthy of all the distinction that title deserves. James Franklin isn’t too bad himself. Both have their team’s poised and ready to commandeer the BIG10 championship trophy from the hands of the great Ohio State.

I believe, this one comes down to whichever team has the ball in their hands at the end of the game, it’s a clear, bonafide toss-up. Since it’s played in Iowa, that might be the difference. The Professor’s Flunkie, in a tight one…Penn State.

#14 Notre Dame vs. Virginia Tech

The Irish got their Golden Helmets shined by the Cincinnati Bearcats last Saturday. Bryan Kelly and his Irish have struggled at times this year but they better bounce back this week, quickly.

The Virginia Tech Hokies started off the season with two great wins then two, not so great losses. After being on vacation last week, they welcome their opponents from South Bend to Blacksburg and anyone can see the possibility of an ambush.

There is a prime ambush site from which the Hokies will attack high up from the Blue Ridge Mountains. You can bet, it’ll be a fierce fight but the Professor has faith in his fellow Mountain men. The Professor’s Flunkie, in an ambush…Notre Dame.

No. 1 Alabama vs. Texas A&M

The Professor is rarely in awe of any team not clad in burnt orange and northwest purple but he is in awe of Alabama. It hurts a bit to admit but they’re the cream of this year’s crop and I don’t think they’re stoppable by any team, other than Alabama.

Texas A&M was dealt a major insult in the season opener by losing their starting QB. They’ve lost two close game but lost them nonetheless. Old CT thinks Jimbo Fisher will have to hope that other team, Alabama can beat, Alabama because the Professor doesn’t see any other scenario that gives the Aggies a victory. The Professor’s Flunkie…Texas A&M.

LSU vs. No. 16 Kentucky

Who wound have thunk it? Mark Stoops’ Kentucky Wildcats undefeated and Ranked? Yes, think it because it’s true. The Professor’s really likes this team and it’s attitude. It’s strange times we live when Kentucky Basketball has to take a backseat to Kentucky Football.

LSU is just looking for a rest area to throw Coach Ogeron off the Tigers’ bus. It’s kind of like dreading that “wait till your Father gets home” kind of whipping. You know it’s coming, you just don’t know when. The Professor thinks “the when” is fast approaching.

This one, played in Lexington, is really an easy game for the Professor to call. CT’s Flunkie…LSU.

Well, I’m sure the campus this’d Saturday will be quiet, almost pastoral and that will be a nice change. To think, no one has to fear, not even the Professor, unemployment this week. Joy oh joy!

The Professor hopes each of you enjoy the weekend where the Professor’s favorite team can not possibly be a Flunkie. See you all next week.

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