Sunday Armchair Perspective:BT Potter and the ‘Band of Brothers’

In 2021, when you look to find anything positive, anything you can depend on, there are two entities that can be, undeniably, counted on.

This 2021 defense is about as good as it gets. Their heart, their energy, their “never say die” attitude is inspiring. Yes, they are truly a “Band of Brothers.” They have literally delivered the three hard fought victories the Tigers actually do have, hands-down.

BT Potter is a quiet, unassuming, yet a confident, bonafide weapon. His kickoffs, are basically un-returnable, and when the struggling, almost painful to watch offense comes up short, time after time they call on old faithful, ole number 29, BT Potter.

Yes, in that small, physically unremarkable frame, he possesses a mighty leg that “fishes out” the inadequacies of the offense. While mathematically speaking, obviously seven is always greater than three, those three points matter. Greatly. It’s been the difference in winning and losing. He’s a glimmering gem in a bag of coal.

While both of the above entities have been just enough for the three unimpressive wins this team has garnered, it’s clear, they’ve got to have to have some help.

I’m not going to nit-pick on the obvious shortcomings of the offense today. Against BC there was improvement, incremental but improvement nonetheless and that’s hopeful.

It’s easy for fans to just focus on the struggles of this team, I get it. However, when the picture is painted of this 2021 season, don’t reach for a broad brush, clumping all facets of this team into the feelings that disappointment brings. Just remember, It would be wise to leave a few corners of the canvas for two of the huge successes of this season, the defense and BT Potter.

When you view 2021 from every angle, it’s nothing like anyone has seen in a while but there is greatness in some aspects. Maybe of more importance, there is also pride, heart and effort in all aspects and it’s hard not to be proud. They are after all, still Clemson Tigers.

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