Clemson Football: Professor CT Junkie’s Week 5 Prognostications

Good Morning Class. It continues to rain outside, it’s dark these days on campus and I understand that we’re all a little mopey due to sun deprivation. Just remember, the sun will shine again one day, hopefully soon.

The Professor has an old, time tested, well used, cliche’ that he uses when the manure at the Ag Barn starts to pile up and smells to high heaven “it is what it is…” Seems the old Professor isn’t the only one to use this one as of late. With the rain pouring, let’s get this week’s class started.

Virginia vs. Miami

Bronco Mendenhall’s Cavaliers started out this season with a “Bang!” Unfortunately, after wins in the first two outings, they’ve gone “Boom!” Normally, the Professor might make some disparaging comments about any team that loses to Wake Forest but like anybody that’s actually watching, these aren’t your Daddy’s Demon Deacons..

Miami has won those games they should’ve and lost those they should’ve, but somethings not quite right in the heat and humidity of south Florida. Like a number of their fellow ACC underachievers, they’ve fallen from their pre-season grace into mediocrity. Speaking from a painful place, the Professor sympathizes. However, all sympathies aside…CT’s Flunkie…Miami.

Arkansas vs. Georgia

This one is the “Battle of the Dawgs and the Hogs.” The Professor loves Hot Dogs but not “Hot Dawgs” and there is a difference, plain and simple. However, even with my dislike for Kirby Smart’s pack of hounds, even Old CT has to acknowledge they’re one of the best teams in the country.

Coach Sam Pittman and his Razorbacks are fresh off whipping the Aggies last Saturday and are feeling energized. They have surprised almost everyone, except this Professor. This contest can be summed up like this, “if you can’t run with the Big Hogs, stay on the Porch.” Kirby might ought to find a comfy rocker. The Professor is putting the Jawja Dawgs on Flunkie alert…CT’s Flunkie…Georgia.

Louisville vs. Wake Forest

The Professor is already on record as saying this Wake Forest team isn’t your Daddy’s Demon Deacons. Coach Dave Clawson is a living testament to not only the power of prayer but the power of patience. Over the last several years, he has patiently built a fine bunch of “Fighting Baptist.” They’re 4-0 and ready to go.

Louisville Coach Scott Satterfield’s Cardinals, no longer Bobby Petrino’s orphans, are playing great football and come into Winston Salem at 3-1. The Professor never lies nor stretches the truth(scout’s honor) and believes this game might be one of the better ACC match-ups this season. Therefore, I won’t make any caddy remarks about either of these great teams. Reluctantly, the Professor knows, one team must lose. The Professor’s Flunkie was decided by one factor, “there’s no place like home.” This week’s Flunkie, by a razor thin margin…Louisville.

Oklahoma vs. Kansas State

Each week, the Professor’s one good eye is always focused on his favorite team and lately that’s been hard to watch even with that one eye, but I digress. With the other, not so good eye, I’ve watched Oklahoma escape defeat time after time. Old CT believes he might need to use his good eye this week to watch this one.

Kansas State Coach Chris Klieman is whipping his Wildcats into shape. They are 3-1 after a loss to Oklahoma State this past Saturday but it’s been called a “quality loss” to a quality team. It will be interesting to see how this one unfolds. The Professor believes Sooner or later Oklahoma is going to Choke. The Professor’s Flunkie…Chokelahoma .

Ohio State vs. Rutgers

The Columbus Whiners haven’t been as dominant as most thought they’d be, the Professor understands. The Oregon Ducks ruined “Ryan Day’s Greatness Tour” in the second week of the season. Thanks to some gracious scheduling, they’ve managed to win the other three contests but…somethings missing.

Rutgers coach Greg Schiano has intimate knowledge of the mechanics that make the Whiners click. He walked the sidelines at Ohio State with Day. This helps because he may just know exactly where the on/off switch is to cut off the whiners playoff hopes but it’s doubtful. The Professor’s Flunkie…Rutgers.

Ole Miss vs. Alabama

The Saban-Kiffin family reunion will commence in Tuscaloosa on Saturday. The Professor always loves to see families come together and remember the good times, eat pot luck and hug those we miss and love. It’s a Norman Rockwell worthy piece of Americana. This reunion, however is not that kind of reunion. This reunion is as dysfunctional as “The Kardasians” only worse, it involves football.

Alabama is Alabama, “it is what it is” but, they are not the invincible elephants they were last year. Sure, they’re head and shoulders above 98% of the rest of College Football but this might be a game with one of the 2%.

Ole Miss is playing “Kiffin ball.” An orchestrated Chaos that most times can score at will. They are capable of doing the unthinkable but the Professor thinks it’s the upset of the mighty Tide that’s unthinkable. The Flunkie almost, a foregone conclusion…Ole Miss

Boston College vs. Clemson

If you listen to the noise that’s truly everywhere, you might believe Clemson coach Dabo Swinney and his staff have completely forgotten how to coach. This proves several things to the Professor. First, haters are gonna hate. Secondly, for a team that has lost less than nine games, in six years, it matters little to the “what have you done for me lately” crowd who have lost touch with reality. Some fans, pollsters and pundits live by the motto…”you’re only as good as your last game.” If that’s true, Clemson might need to change that perception.

Coach Jeff Hafley has the Eagles flying high at 4-0. It sounds good but if you look deeper, you see more quantity that you do quality. After losing their starting QB Phil Jurkovic, their offense hasn’t been as prolific. The game being played in Death Valley, on Homecoming, against a mad bunch of Tigers pushed in a corner might prove to be a little too much. Like even the best amongst us, the Professor admits he vacillates between belief and doubt, daily. However, in the end he will always believe in the Tigers. CT’s Flunkie…Boston College.

Florida vs. Kentucky

The Gators came up a little short two weeks ago against the high and mighty Crimson Tide. They gave the Tide everything they could handle but still lost. Losing, as the Professor has come to know intimately, can take a team down two different paths. The team responds and plays with the tenacity of the week before or they are emotionally spent and arrive in Lexington, flat.

The media has been saying for years “this is the year Coach Mark Stoops team finds its way.” At 4-0, who is the Professor to question this team? They defeated the Clucksters last week and are trending upwards, however, no matter how motivated a Wildcat becomes, they still can’t handle an angry Bunch of Gators. CT’s Flunkie…Kentucky.

Oregon vs. Stanford

Earlier this season, the Oregon Ducks rocked the college football world by humbling The Ohio State Whiners in Columbus. With that win, they vaulted twelve spots in the polls. Unbelievable. Even more unbelievable, the Duck’s subsequent opponents have been…underwhelming. The Professor is detecting a familiar odor emanating from the Pacific Northwest.

Coach David Shaw’s Cardinal has been, well…typical. Speaking of a familiar unpleasant odor, USC and the Trojans sacrificed their coach after a loss to the Cardinal. Feeling a sense of accomplishment that only beating two hapless foes can bring, proved short lived for the Cardinal. UCLA defeated Stanford this past Saturday bringing them down to earth. The Professor believes one participant in this game might be the source of the odor, and the Santa Anna winds are blowing it eastward…Call it silly, seemingly stupid (both applies to the Professor) CT Junkie’s most unlikely Flunkie, in an upset… Oregon.

As you can see and feel, the arrival of fall is in the air. As the pain of September fades into the hope of October, there’s more than the weather changing here on campus. It’s still raining and the darkness still hangs but all anyone can do is put on the foul weather gear, face the torrent and keep walking. However, before we end this class, the Professor has one last pearl of wisdom to offer, “Don’t cry because we think it’s over, smile because we know it happened.” Enjoy the games this week and until our next class, be safe and may your team never be a Flunkie, ever again.

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