Time for BYOG Type Performance From These Clemson Tigers

Look, it’s past time for this team to quit making excuses, stop blocking like they care more about breaking their fingernails than they do about playing football, and go out there and execute.

National media is having a field day with the “collapse of Clemson football.” Paul Finnebaum is so happy, he may even come full circle and follow in the footsteps of his yesteryear doppelganger, Pee Wee Herman.

The coaches are getting roasted by everyone, including the fans. I’m sure “chestnuts roasting on an open fire” won’t be played at any of their homes this year.

And why is it that the Tigers look like a team suffering from dementia in which everyone all of a sudden forgot how to play the game of football? In Dabo Swinney and Tony Elliot’s own words “execution”.

The players have to look themselves in the mirror, dig down deep, and find the “eye of the tiger” as Dabo has so elequently stated so many times.

It doesn’t matter that this team has made six straight CFP appearances. It doesn’t matter that they have won six straight ACC championships. It doesn’t matter that we have won two national titles in the last five years.

All of that is wonderful historical data of the Clemson Tigers. But not of this team. They must earn their own way. They must write their own history.

Success is a wonderful thing. Long term success is even better. But the greatest enemy of success is complacency. At some point, it’s easy to lose focus and believe that something is deserved by prior accomplishments.

But in football, as in all of life, nothing is given. It is earned. Earned by putting in the work. Earned by grinding. Earned by working harder than anyone else. Earned by refusing to give up and take the easy way out.

It’s time for the coaching staff to light a fire under the player’s arses, as well as light a fire under their own. This mediocrity is simply unacceptable for a team as talented as Clemson. It’s time to play to the best of their ability. It’s time to Bring Your Own Guts.

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