Clemson Football: It’s Move On Monday for Tigers

It’s Move on Monday, so let’s get moving.

Enough energy, pain and anguish has been spent over Clemson’s loss to NC State this weekend and it’s time to move on. But one last thought. Bear in mind, in NC State, you must understand, their win against a bunch of weary and worn Tiger warriors is the closest thing they’ll ever have to an actual championship of any sorts so, let them have their moment. Their ultimate fate is doomed with a head coach as distasteful as theirs.

Boston College is next up on the Tigers’ schedule and they’ll need everybody, man, woman, child, player, coach, fan for this one for sure. These are strange waters the Tigers are navigating but this ship is big, strong, seaworthy and dauntless.

Unfortunately for the Tigers, injuries have taken its toll on this defense. Tyler Davis and Will Shipley are both out for extended periods. Brian Bresee is out for the season. James Skalski is also out for now.

This is tough on these young competitors but they’ll be back. Bigger, better and stronger. Fortunately, Shipley’s injury was not as severe as originally thought. His presence and talent will be sorely missed but it could have been worse, seeing as he is expected back at some point.

Believe me, I’m not telling anybody how to run anything, I can barely empty the canister on my vacuum cleaner. While I certainly can’t coach, I do have an opinion.

The focus now turns completely to Boston College. Most here are not coaches only mere fans. Therefore, the only thing fans can do is support their team. As fans, short term memory loss is a blessing, embrace that blessing this Saturday.

The preverbal cat is out of the bag, the jig is up, the secret is out and the truth is known all over the land. The mighty Clemson Tigers have stumbled, so they think. Forget records, rankings, championships and playoff. At this juncture, they mean little and there are more immediate needs facing the Tigers.

Saturday night, all Tigers in Death Valley and beyond must have a determined, laser focus. Each must try hard to put hurt feelings, unfulfilled expectations and willful pride aside and just yell, scream, cheer as loud as hell.

Make Death Valley as intimidating to Boston College as any place they’ve ever played. I’m sure they’re riding high, feeling confident and “licking their chops” to finally settle any beef they have with the Tigers. They come in as a 4-0 team trending skyward. Clemson, 2-2, physically battered and emotionally bruised and their current trend is a downward spiral.

When phrased that way, it’s easy to be lulled into believing this team is going to choke, lose, stumble, again. Here’s the part, the most important part, of being a fan, you, the Tiger faithful, can be the ultimate difference maker.

By creating an unbelievably hostile environment, as fans you have the power to influence the outcome. That hostility, that deafening support sends two messages.

First, Boston College will know 81,300 believers are there and those believers will not be moved. Not one single inch. The second message, a priceless message to your team, is that you have their backs and you aren’t going anywhere. It’s just the right medicine, tonic, these young men need most.

To know, really know, you and the other 81,299 voices have unwavering confidence in them, regardless of records, matters. Your support, both outward and deafening, will instill a sense of confidence, a belief in themselves. That’s the ultimate power of being a fan, a true believer. No more moping around. Show up, show out and be apart of the awakening, the new rising!

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