ACC Football: Everything We Thought It Was, Maybe Even Worse

The ACC has become downright embarrassing at football.

For years, we have heard about how better the SEC and BIG10 were. Clemson singlehandedly has kept the ACC somewhat respectable. While Clemson is struggling offensively thus far, they are still one of the better, more respected teams in college football. The rest of the ACC on the other hand, is a joke.

It started right out the gate in Week 1. Clemson lost a hard fought battle against Georgia. The offense was underwhelming, but the game overall was competitive. But, alas, a loss is a loss, and the ACC torch bearer did lose to the second best team in the SEC.

And credit that Clemson team for a battle well fought, but they are the only ACC team to even have a chance at the playoff in 2021. Regardless of the effort, seeing your best chance go down to likely what is the SEC’s second best team isn’t exactly a great look for the ACC.

Then North Carolina, the ACC’s supposed up and coming powerhouse, falls flat on their face to an unranked Virginia Tech. That loss is now looking even worse, but more on that later. Sam Howell looked more like Yosemite Sam on the football field than a Heisman contender. The only award for that team should’ve been a participation trophy. That or for the most overrated team.

Next, Miami gets absolutely clobbered by Alabama. Not that this was unexpected, but one would think Miami could hang around at least until halftime. That was wishful thinking, as Bryce Young and the Alabama offense carved up the Canes like a Thanksgiving turkey.

Manny Diaz may as well have been reading that “Coaching for Dummies” book from the Waterboy film by halftime. Speaking of the Waterboy, if Clemson doesn’t get that offense straightened out, they may very well get clipped by the Muddogs at some point this season.

Let’s not forget about our good ole rivals down in Florida. The Seminoles got scalped by none other than Jacksonville State? Really? Talk about Bad News Bears, who would likely beat Florida State right now.

How does the traditional blue blood respond? By getting taken to the woodshed by Wake Forest. Mike Norvell was supposed to change the culture and be the answer to this program. The only question is, what exactly is that answer? Seemingly football purgatory.

Back to our other friends in Florida, Miami. Again. What did they do this week, you ask? Well, let’s just put it this way; they should have no hair left on their rear’s as they got absolutely waxed by Michigan State in a big out of conference game. We’re talking full Brazilian style here. Manny Diaz and his coaching staff should be able to feel even the slightest breeze now.

Virginia earned some respect (obviously too much) while whipping up on North Carolina. And how do they utilize that momentum and high ranking? Losing of course, in a manner comparable to Looney Tunes, which has pretty much become the norm for ACC football this year.

If you are one of the few who still think this conference is as good as any of the others in football, I’ve got some oceanfront property for sell in Arizona just for you. ACC football is more like a comedy show, with Clemson being the only reliable group in the bunch. Even while struggling, they are still the only football team that looks like a football team, while the others more closely resemble clowns and cheerleaders. Show me an ACC team that gets a decent ranking and has higher expectations and I’ll show you one that’s about to trip over their own two feet.

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