Clemson Football: Professor CT Junkie’s Week 3 Prognostications

Good Morning, folks. So, with this past week’s games now complete, the Professor now understands clearly, anything is possible in college football.

The Clucksters are 2-0… enough said and Notre Dame might not be as talented as many thought.

Appalachian State nearly pulled off the impossible, twice in a lifetime and THE Ohio State whiners, finally have a good reason to whine…what a beautiful sound, isn’t it? It was quite a week. I can’t wait to see where week 3 takes us…if you’re ready, let’s go!

South Carolina vs. Georgia

Both teams come into this match-up with a perfect 2-0 record. Honestly, the Professor is perplexed. How could the Clucketer’s actually be 2-0? Few stranger things have ever happened, I’m sure.

The first week was almost understandable. This past weekend, interesting. The Pirates must have been on a rum and grog fueled hangover from the Pirate’s pre-game bash from the night before but this week, Clucksters beware and hang on to your feathers.

Georgia blew the doors off of the University of Alabama…(Birmingham) 62-0. So, the task before Kirby Smart’s pups seems like it might be a foregone conclusion but those Clucksters are cackling loudly.

Despite the noise and the distinct smell of Chicken manure, the Professor suspects by the end of this massacre, the Clucksters are going to be both clucked and plucked. CT’s Flunkie…South Carolina.

Virginia vs. West Virginia

Coach Justin Fuente and his Hokies have earned this Professor’s respect. They added to their already impressive victory over UNC, with a win over a good but not great, Middle Tennessee State squad. They have a little better opponent this week, in the West Virginia Mountaineers.

Neal Brown’s Mountianeers are coming off a big win against the Long Island University Post Pioneers. I swear I’ve never heard of them but the Mountaineers did win 66-0. A great win, I think.

The couch burners will welcome the Hokies into the “Deep Hollars” of Morgantown. When these two teams get together, anything can happen. Their’s is a long-time rivalry, born in the days as conference mates in the Big East. Yes, like the Hatfield and McCoy’s another mountain feud is revived…

The Professor has a tough choice, as both teams are trending upwards. It might just come down to where the game is played. In that case, light the couch, cue up “Country Roads” in Morgantown. The Professor’s Flunkie…in a real shoot out…Virginia Tech.

Michigan State vs. Miami

The Miami Hurricanes have had a pretty rough couple of weeks. After being humbled mightily by Alabama and scared to death this past week by Appalachian State, they may have the athletic equivalent of PTSD.

After being presumed a dud by the Professor and others, Michigan State is showing signs of life. Mel Tucker’s Spartans are 2-0 and seem to always be at the right place at the right time but not so fast….Miami, despite the hard lessons learned and humbled beginnings, I have to admit, I still believe in the ‘Caines. In a leap of faith, Professor Junkie’s Flunkie…Michigan State.

Nebraska vs. Oklahoma

The only reason the Professor chose this particular game to prognosticate is this…like the game to be played on the field, this prognostication will be short, sweet and easy. Anybody can see, this is a no Brainer…the obvious Flunkie…Nebraska.

Notre Dame vs. Purdue

The Golden Domers have been very, very uninspiring thus far this season. It’s gotten so bad that after a close game against Florida State last week, Brian Kelly, in an attempt to stay employed, offered to execute the entire team. The Notre Dame faithful were up in arms over his offer and issued a stay of execution. Now, after this past week’s nail biter against Toledo, the faithful might be inclined to lift the stay issued last week and even execute him, as well.

Coach Jeff Brohm’s Boilermakers are fresh off a big win over the powerhouse of the Northeast, Connecticut Huskies. They roll in South Bend with a 2-0 record but unlike the Golden Domers also 2-0, they aren’t under an execution order.

It’s the Professor’s hunch that the Irish will play inspired football. A game played as if their very lives depended on it and you know, it just might….Professor’s Flunkie…Purdue.

Auburn vs. Penn State

Bryan Harsin’s season didn’t start off quite the way a new coach would have liked. No, not on the field troubles but rather off the field. At his debut at the SEC media days, he was very ambivalent in his response to COVID vaccination questions. Then, the week of the opener, he was sent home after testing positive for the virus. At a school known for coaching drama, he might take the cake but it seems in Auburn, winning cures everything.

In two games against “minor teams” they’ve outscored their opponents 122-10. With the virus no longer even a passing interest, life is grand on the plains, Harsin, the King. However, this weekend, they face a completely different animal in the Nittany Lions.

Penn State looks pretty good and that doesn’t bode well for the War Eagles. Who knows, James Franklin might finally have found his footing? Whatever the reason, this should be a real doozy. Using the old adage…” There’s no place like home” as my inspiration …CT’s Flunkie, in a close one, Auburn.

Alabama vs. Florida

Nick Saban has made the trip to “The Swamp” many times and he always seems to find an edge against the Gators. His Tide will roll into Gainesville, as the 2021 edition of The Greatest Football Team in history, again this year and honestly, at this point, it’s a claim that’s hard to argue against.

Dan Mullen is a real believer in his #10 Gators and he should be, it might be his best bunch of Gators. Little does he know, Slick Nick has been getting that edge he needs.

He’s been rumored to have been down on the Bayou, getting lessons from Troy Landry of “Swamp People” fame on how to hunt big Gators and “choot ‘em” so, he’ll be ready. Who wouldn’t be motivated by people yelling “choot ‘em Nick, choot’ em”. The Professor’s Flunkie, not even close…Florida.

Clemson vs. Georgia Tech

Since the hard fought battle against the other school from Georgia ended in defeat, the Tigers have felt a sting…a nagging sting. After a sound victory over in-state foe, South Carolina State, that “sting” is almost gone.

Now, with the other team from Georgia rolling into Death Valley on Saturday afternoon, the Yellow Jackets, some fear the Tigers might be in need of an epi-pin. However, Dabo knows these are special-hybrid, Yellow Jackets, the ones that have no stinger and no defense and no chance against his Tigers. Professor, CT Junkie’s final Flunkie of the week…Georgia Tech.

The Professor is going to end this class early, my stomach is growling. You know what that mean’s, I’m headed to Mac’s Drive-in for a Double Cheeseburger with chili and slaw and I can’t wait. So, until next weeks class, stay safe, enjoy the games and here’s hoping your team is never a Flunkie.

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