Swinney On Uiagalelei Doubters: ‘We Need to Make Sure to Write Their Names Down’

Expectations have been high for DJ Uiagalelei. Probably higher that they should have been.

Despite looking the part in two spot starts for Trevor Lawrence last season, Uiagalelei is once again proving that not every five-star quarterback is the same. They develop at their own pace, and that is what is happening with Clemson’s big armed quarterback, according to Dabo Swinney.

“He is a very talented young man growing into the role right before our eyes,” Swinney said on his weekly call in show. “Learning how to be the starting quarterback at Clemson and all that goes with it.”

Swinney maintains that the doubters will all be proven wrong in the end.

“Man, I love this kid and I’m proud of him,” Swinney said. “And for the people that don’t think he’s got what it takes, we need to make sure we write their names down and make sure they stay on that train. Because this kid is better than good. He’s special. That’ll prove to be the case. It’s just a matter of time.”

Swinney once again reminded fans that Uiagalelei has started just four games, and that the coaching staff is fully aware that the young quarterback has struggled in some areas to start the season.

“He’s played really four games as ‘the guy,'” Swinney said. “He did great in two of them, not great in one of them, and a lot better last week. He definitely missed a few throws, but he made some good ones too. We’re in a place now where we magnify and dwell on the bad. He did a lot of good. We don’t stick our heads in the sand. We learn. We get better. He played a lot better. And can play a whole lot better.”

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