Clemson Football: A Fan Base Divided

The emotional fallout, after the epic match-up on Saturday night, can’t be understated.

Fans have argued amongst themselves since Saturday night. People, mostly reasonable people, from either “side” have crossed the line of appropriateness in their responses to others, me included. It’s been hard to digest, not only the loss but also the rhetoric from those that see things from two different perspectives.

The real truth is, Clemson and Georgia both played an unbelievable defensive game. Before the season, fans felt confident at the potential of this defense, fans had hope. No one could argue this side of the ball, exceeded all expectations in Charlotte Saturday night .

The belief amongst most fans was one of superiority of the Tiger offense, tempered by some lingering, nagging questions about the offensive line. This offense has undeniable skill, talent and a limitless ceiling of potential that couldn’t be questioned. Oh, how things unfolded. Needless to say, it wasn’t what was expected.

The Tiger defense exceeded everyone’s expectations. It’s wonderful, it’s hopeful. The unfulfilled expectations for the Tigers “unstoppable”offense,” truthfully, left many completely and utterly shocked. Questions were asked, assertions made, some reasonable, some not so much. After all the name calling and slight defamation of some fans character, questioning their loyalty, I think, at least for me, it’s time to find a proper balance.

All opinions should be welcomed. Even if that opinion isn’t popular. Whether it’s during game post or after the game post, especially after a losing effort, fans can be frustrated and post reactionary things on social media. I’m guilty of this, I’ll admit my shortcomings.

Every Tiger fan loves Dabo Swinney, all the coaches and all the players, each are all seen as a part of the family. While words may seem to contradict that, it’s no less true. People are passionately invested in Clemson, it’s what makes it a special place. Whether financial or emotional or both, that passion, that investment is clear.

On one extreme of fandom, some, after a big win, can become braggadocios, making extravagant claims of greatness, hubris on full display. On the other extreme of fandom, some seem to go ever closer to the edge, expressing, in an ugly way, their disbelief and the frustration in a losing effort and they rant, some unreasonably to the extreme. Both ends, while not understood by the other, should be, at the very least, tolerated. Unfortunately, this isn’t the case.

It’s human nature to find faults and exaggerate those faults when disappointed in those we love…family, friends and sports. It’s also human to become excited when everything is going great. What shouldn’t be a part of humanity, is name calling, shaming and questioning someone’s loyalty or dedication based on words typed in anger and frustration. We each process “grief” and “loss” differently, it’s just life.

Do I believe anything I or anyone else writes, will make any difference, not really. However, for civility sake, we can at least be tolerant of each extreme on the spectrum of Clemson fandom. I believe Clemson is truly a family, in all respects. I also understand that families are going to argue, disagree and bicker.

However, given the distance time offers, I believe the better angels of our nature allows us to rises above our differences and in the heat of battle, everyone pulls together. At Clemson, family matters and in the end, win or lose, it’s really all that matters.

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