Dabo Swinney Has ‘No Idea’ What Kind of Impact ACC, Big 10, Pac 12 Alliance Will Have

The big news on Tuesday was the official announcement of the alliance between the ACC, Big 10 and Pac 12.

After the announcement there was a ton of talk regarding the “what if’s” but at the end of the day, there weren’t a ton of specifics released. In fact, it’s not even a formal alliance, as there is no agreement on paper. It’s more of a gentlemen’s agreement.

Count Clemson head coach Dabo Swinney among those who have no clue what the future might hold regarding this new alliance. On the Wednesday edition of The Packer and Durham Show, Swinney admitted as much when asked about the potential impact of the new alliance.

“I have no idea,” Swinney said. ‘It seems like a great thing.”

Swinney was quick to note that anytime you have this many schools, across three Power-5 conferences, all on the same page, that can’t be a bad thing. At the end of the day, though, Swinney said it was just another day.

“That’s a lot of people collaborating together for hopefully the good of college football,” Swinney said. “That, to me, is the big positive anytime you get a group of people like that that are communicating and collaborating together on critical factors that impact this game, impact the collegiate experience and so forth. So, other than that, it’s just kind of another day in 2021.”

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