Kirk Herbstreit Thinks College Football in Dire Need of ‘Commissioner’

The SEC made a major power play. The Big 12 is falling apart. The ACC, Pac 12 and Big 10 are on the verge of announcing an alliance.

College football is rapidly changing and everyone is just trying to survive, meaning it’s all about self preservation.

Like many fans, longtime ESPN analyst Kirk Herbstreit doesn’t like the direction things are heading, despite not knowing for sure what the end game is.

“We just don’t know where this is leading,” Herbstreit said. “There’s a lot of speculation at this point.

Make no mistake, every Power-5 conference is looking out for their best interest at this point in time and that is why Herbstreit thinks its time to bring a commissioner. Someone that has the best interest of the sport at heart, rather than looking out for one conference over the other.

“No matter where this leads, we need one voice in this sport,” Herbstreit said. “We need a commissioner. We need a Roger Goodell that’s not worried about the SEC or the Big Ten or the Pac-12 or what’s left of the Big 12, the ACC. He’s worried about the entire country, and he’s going to listen to all these conference commissioners and then he’s going to make a decision based for what’s best in the totality of this sport.”

Herbstreit went onto say that currently there is a major disconnect, and in the long run, that will do far more harm than good to the sport.

“Right now, I’m very concerned that it’s fragmented,” Herbstreit also added. “I’m very concerned that people are picking sides and are going against each other. In the long run, that’s not going to do anything that’s good for the sport as a whole, and we’ve got to learn how to work together, regardless of what’s going on or what personal feelings you may have.”

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  1. I’d like to see Oliver Luck be the commissioner. I read earlier the Big XII brought him in as an advisor. He’s worked in an NCAA role. He seems well respected and well suited for such a role.

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