Report: ACC, PAC 12, Big 10 in Talks Regarding Forming Alliance

There is a report out that the ACC, Pac 12 and Big 10 have been in discussions regarding forming an alliance of some kind.

“Talks have centered around not just a scheduling alliance in football but in broader cooperation,” according to Max Olson of The Atlantic.

With Texas and Oklahoma making the move to the SEC, the Pac 12, Big 10 and ACC are assessing the landscape moving forward.

It’s been well documented that the ACC is locked into a pretty bad television deal that runs through 2036 and according to ESPN’s David Hale, since this isn’t realignment, or adding new teams to the league, it isn’t enough to warrant ESPN renegotiating the ACC’s television rights deal, meaning the financial impacts might not be what some might think.

However, an alliance of some kind is still very intriguing. At the very least, the scheduling possibilities are definitely fun to think about.

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