Collins Towers Turning Heads in Fall Camp

Clemson is loaded at wide receiver, there is no doubt about it.

However, while loaded with talent, two of those guys at the top of the depth chart, Frank Ladson Jr and Joseph Ngata, have had issues staying healthy and a third, Justyn Ross, missed all of last season recovering from a surgical procedure to repair a congenital condition in his spine.

As Clemson learned last season, the guys behind those starters could end up playing vital roles. Players like second year wideout Ajou Ajou and the two freshman Dacari Collins and Beaux Collins have to be ready.

According to Ajou, the two freshman have been doing their part and have been awfully impressive in their first fall camp.

“The Collins towers, them boys, I can’t even, oh my goodness,” Ajou said. “Those boys man are so special. Relentless, hard-working, they just want it.”

Ajou said having freshmen that talented only makes everyone else better.

“It pushes us to even be better,” Ajou said. “Beaux Collins and Troy Stellato are in yellow right now, but when they get right man, it’s really over. We’re too deep, we’re too deep. When we say, ‘We’re too deep,’ I mean it like literally, we too deep. The brotherhood we got in that room is going to be crazy this year.” 

As for Ajou, he has been pretty impressive in his own right. The second year player has made great strides since last season, something he credits to his dedication off the field.

“Really getting the off-field stuff right, like school,” Ajou said. “Because coach always talks about how you do anything is how you everything. Really just stacking my days. Getting in my playbook. I study every day. I feel more comfortable. I can play faster. I’m not having to think, not second-guessing.”

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