FSU’s Mike Norvell Says ‘Nothing to Work Out’ With Dabo Swinney Regarding 2020 Cancelation

Everyone remembers the drama surrounding the last minute cancelation of the Clemson and Florida State matchup last season in Tallahassee.

The Seminoles refused to play the game after a Clemson player turned up positive after the Tigers had already made the trip. Despite Clemson officials having followed every protocol put into place by the ACC, Florida State still refused to play.

Dabo Swinney was not happy, saying at the time that Covid was not the reason for the cancelation and that it was just used as the reason. That didn’t sit well with Mike Norvell.

At the ACC Kickoff, the second-year Seminoles head coach was asked if he and Swinney had worked out their differences on the subject and Norvell, who still appeared a little bitter, said there was nothing to work out.

“At the end of the day, there is nothing to work out,” Norvell said. “Coaches can make statements. That is an opportunity we all have. Everybody is entitled to an opinion on what they want to say. We are going to stay focused on what we are doing and what we are about at Florida St.”

Norvell said that he isn’t all that concerned with what happened last season and is solely focused on moving forward with his own team.

“We both have jobs to do and are continuing to invest in our programs,” Norvell said. “That is my focus. At the end of the day that is what we are going to continue to do and build Florida St. back to where we need it to be. That has been our focus.”

When asked if the circumstances surrounding the cancelation would lead to his team have a little extra motivation when they visit Death Valley on October 30, Norvell said after the struggles his program endured last season there is no need for any extra motivation.

“There is no need for extra motivation. We get the opportunity to play a game,” he said. “You look back at what this last year was, and that last month of the season was one of the hardest months I’ve ever had to experience as a coach or as a player. There is so much investment that goes into playing a game. The offseason, the work during the week. We had three of our last four games canceled and that is something I hope we neve have to experience in my coaching career. Now you appreciate every day and what you do.”

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