Report: SEC In Contact With Clemson, Florida State

The times certainly look to be a changing.

With the news of Texas and Oklahoma leaving the Big 12 to join the SEC, many wondered if that was just the first step towards a shift in the entire landscape of college football.

That appears to be the case, as one of the first people to break the Oklahoma and Texas story is now reporting that the SEC has not only reached out to Clemson and Florida State, but they have also talked to Ohio State and Michigan, with the goal of getting to 20 teams.

From the looks of what appears to happening, the ACC could be a conference that is in trouble when it comes to the football side of things. They do not have one of the more favorable television contracts and are already way behind the SEC and Big 10 when it comes to television money. These new deals would only widen that gap and widen it substantially.

There have also been some reports regarding discussions about the remaining teams in the Big 12 joining up with the Pac 12 to form their own 20 team league.

It sounds like we are on the verge of seeing a lot of movement that could drastically change college football as we know it. Stay tuned.

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  1. I would love to see Clemson in the SEC, it’s a natural fit. And the ACC is always playing catch up to the other power conferences.

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