Hype Surrounding Arch Manning Already Reaching Fever Pitch

The hype surrounding 5-star quarterback Arch Manning is starting to reach a fever pitch, with much of it centering around his workout at a high school camp in Clemson last Saturday afternoon.

The nation’s top quarterback in the 2023 class was so impressive it had the talking heads at ESPN pondering whether Arch could possibly be the best Manning quarterback yet. That’s high praise seeing as uncles Payton and Eli are considered two of the best to ever lace up the cleats, and grandfather Archie is somewhat of a legend in his own right.

On a recent episode of First Take, Max Kellerman shared his thoughts on the subject and what it would take for Arch to be the best of the bunch.

“He’d have to have the elusevity and talent of grandpa,” Kellerman said. “He’d have to have the excellence of Peyton, and the clutch ability of Eli. Peyton Manning is like the most excellent player who ever lived until it mattered most, then Eli was the best.”

Kellerman went onto say that if Arch can possesses a little of what made all three great, it’s something that just might come to fruition.

“He may have all of that in him,” Kellerman said. “He doesn’t have to be the best at each category, just mix it all up in there.”

At the end of the day, we are still talking about a player that hasn’t even begun his junior year of high school. That’s a lot of pressure to put on a kid that hasn’t even been to prom yet, Manning or not.

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