247 Recruiting Analyst: Ohio State QB Commit Quinn Ewers Better ‘Pure Thrower’ Than Trevor Lawrence

We live in the era of hot takes. Each day gives birth to one take hotter than the hottest one we saw the day before.

Having said that, come tomorrow, it’s going to tough to come up with a hotter take than the one Greg Biggins, a national recruiting analyst for 247 Sports, has today.

On a recent edition of the 247Sports Football Recruiting Podcast, Biggins said he believes Ohio State quarterback commit Quinn Ewers, who is the top-ranked player in the 2022 class, is better than former Clemson quarterback Trevor Lawrence from a “pure throwing standpoint.”

“Everyone’s been saying Quinn might be the best quarterback prospect since Trevor Lawrence,” Biggins said. “But I will say this, from a pure throwing standpoint, (sic), from a pure throwing standpoint, it’s third-and-eight, I want a first down, I’m going to go with Quinn.”

However, that isn’t to take away from how talented Biggins thinks Lawrence is, that’s just how highly he thinks of Ewers.

“Love Trevor Lawrence, love the guy,” Biggins said. “Love what he stands for. Love his compete level. Love his national championship, his playoffs. Loved him in high school. No. 1 player coming out as it was deserved. No. 1 pick in the draft, as was deserved. I love how grounded he is, I love how strong in his faith he is.”

Biggins then went onto to point how long he’s been evaluating talent and said Ewers has the quickest and tightest delivery he’s ever seen.

“I will go back, and this shows kind of how old I am, I’ve been doing this since ’95, ’96,” Biggins said. “I have to go back to Matt Stafford, probably, Quinn being the guy with the quickest, tightest release I’ve ever seen. Everyone loves talking about a big arm and we’ll always counter that with, ‘That’s not the most important thing.’ Yeah, I’m saying that, too, right? It’s like the pretty girl, you always notice the looks first. But if her personality sucks, she’s out. Quinn has the most dynamic arm, with the quickest release that I’ve seen.

“I’ve seen Ryan Mallett, huge arm. I’ve seen DJ Uiagalelei, huge arm. All those guys had big releases. You look at Quinn, I’ve never seen a guy who literally it’s like … boom — I’ve never seen a guy who can roll out and just flick his wrist and the ball is going with so much velocity. Dude, it was hitting receivers in the chest. And I was waiting for him to knock ’em over like Arnold Schwarzenegger in Commando, where they’re shooting guys and we’re seeing guys just vibrating until they fall on the ground.”

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