Arch Manning Recruitment ‘Wide Open’

Arch Manning is the next big thing when it comes to high school quarterback recruits.

The bloodline is certainly there. The 2023 prospect is the grandson of Archie Manning and the nephew of both Eli and Payton Manning and some say he is past where both of those guys were at this stage of their careers.

With dead period now finally over, Manning is going to take a whirlwind tour of visits this month, including a stop at Clemson next week.

Alabama, Georgia, Texas, SMU, Virginia, North Carolina, Notre Dame, Ohio State, Stanford and USC could all get a visit this summer and the young quarterback told Jeff Duncan of The Athletic that he is ready to get the process started.

“I’m excited about going to these schools and seeing what they’re like because I’ve never been anywhere yet,” Manning said. “I want to go somewhere I’m going to like living, I guess.”

Manning said he can’t wait to start building relationships with the coaches across the country.

“I enjoy the fact that I can talk to these great coaches all around the country and get to build a relationship with them,” Manning said. “That’s awesome. I hear new stuff every day, and I’m just soaking in all the information I can.”

However, if you are waiting to hear who a favorite might be, Manning isn’t even close to being at that point, telling Duncan he was still “wide open.” Anything beyond that is purely speculation at this point.

As far as Clemson goes, Manning has in fact liked what he has learned about Dabo Swinney so far and a recent conversation with the Tigers head coach only reinforced that opinion.

“Dabo was good,” Manning said. “He’s just a personal guy, fun-loving, everyone loves him. He’s a great guy. And I got to talk to him the other night, and I loved him.”

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