Clemson Receiver Justyn Ross Shuts Down Twitter Rumors

The off-season has everyone looking to make news, whether it’s true or not and even players recovering from major surgery are susceptible to it. Justyn Ross found out first hand out over the weekend that he is no exception to this but put the rumor about him to bed quickly.

Over the weekend the Alabama native that sent major shock waves not only in Alabama but across college football when he signed with Clemson saw his name mentioned in a tweet that was about as shocking to many people as his signing.

The tweet late Sunday night stated that Ross may be transferring out of the Tigers program and it did not take long for it to spread like wild fire.

One thing that made this so shocking was the fact that Ross announced back in January that he was planning on returning to Clemson for a fourth year through social media. He went on to participate in spring ball, in a limited capacity of course, then told the media in early April his was expecting to be cleared at his next appointment with doctors in June.

Some would say all this made this rumor unbelievable but that isn’t the case so much now with the transfer portal in play. It had gained so much traction that Ross felt the need to address it and set the record straight this morning.

Ross who was Mr Alabama when he signed with Clemson over Alabama and Auburn has lived up to the hype. Over his two seasons with the Tigers, Ross has 112 catches for 1,865 yards and 17 touchdowns. During his only appearance in a national title game, he had six catches for 153 yards and a touchdown against Alabama. Including Ross’ one handed catch that had both sides looking on in awe.

The Tigers star receiver is scheduled to go back to the surgeon that performed his surgery this summer for, what he hopes will be, another step forward at Clemson.

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