Opinion: Addressing Clemson’s Depth Concerns at Quarterback

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Good Afternoon Clemson Nation!

I know it’s been a while since I have posted, been busy and had writer’s block, oh well.

Lately, there have been a lot of questions surrounding the quarterback room. With Trevor Lawrence getting drafted, Taisun Phommachanh getting injured and the possibility of Bubba Chandler and Will Taylor heading off to MLB, fans rightly have reasons to be curious and in need of some reassurance. Just keep in mind, Chandler and Taylor may very well decide to go to Clemson.

DJ Uiagalelei is still very much the starter, so as long as he is healthy there are no concerns. If for some reason he is down for any length of time this season, fans still have little to nothing to worry about. First, we have Hunter Helms the ‘Walk-On Wonder’ backing up Uiagalalei, and we all remember the last Walk-On Wonder named Hunter who we had not too long ago correct?

Now, who remembers that starting punter Will Spiers is also trained at quarterback? He did a good job last season vs Georgia Tech (although it was just for a few snaps). If he becomes quarterback for any time, we have the phenomenal Aidan Swanson, Jonathan Weitz, and Quinn Castner behind him who are more than likely itching to get some playing time.

Will Spiers is only back for one more season, but next season Clemson will be getting Cade Klubnik. Another amazing quarterback, Klubnik will give the Tigers three string minimum we need for the season. Hopefully by then, Taisun will be available and healthy enough to play for at least another season.

Whatever comes up this season, Clemson will be fine.

Go Tigers!

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