Longtime Massage Therapist of Deshaun Watson Speaks Out in Quarterbacks Defense

There has been no shortage of news regarding the controversy surrounding Deshaun Watson over the past few days.

With so much news coming out in a short period of time, the fact that a longtime massage therapist of the Texans’ quarterback has come forward on behalf of Watson seems to have gotten lost in the shuffle somewhat.

Speaking with KHOU 11’s Len Cannon last week, Jasmine Brooks said the Watson she worked on is not the Watson that is being portrayed in these civil suits.

“Deshaun Watson has never asked me for any sexual favors,” Brooks said. “He’s never harassed me. He’s never coerced me into anything at all. He’s always been super quiet. The only conversations we’ve ever had, I’m usually the one initiating the conversation. I feel like I’ve been working on him for so long and I still don’t even really know too much about Deshaun, really, because he hardly talks.”

Brooks would go on to say that what’s being described isn’t even close to her experience dealing with the former Clemson superstar.

“I don’t see Deshaun as being an aggressor of any sort,” Brooks said. “And I know they’re throwing this word “predator” around. I don’t see him as a predator of any kind. He’s always been professional with me.”

Watson and his legal team have always maintained that the quarterback is innocent. The 22 cases filed against Watson will now all be consolidated into one big civil suit, and absent the quarterback deciding to settle, or the cases being dismissed, this one seems headed for a lengthy court battle.

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