Deshaun Watson Attorney Says Accuser Demanded $100K in Hush Money

Deshaun Watson and his attorney have responded to one of his accusers going public on Tuesday.

Rusty Hardin, Watson’s attorney, says he has an email that was sent by Tony Buzbee associate Cornelia Brandfield-Harvey to one of Watson’s representatives Watson back on February 9 asking for $100K.

“My client’s demand is $100,000” … and … “This offer remains open until Friday of this week.”

Hardin claims Deshaun’s representative pushed back against the demand in the following email response.

“We don’t believe that the alleged facts show that Deshaun did anything wrong with regards to Ms. Solis, but we are nevertheless happy to continue the conversation around a reasonable settlement figure because we believe he can learn a lesson about having put himself in this situation.”

Buzbee’s response to that …

“We made a legit demand. You rejected it. We won’t be making another or bid against ourselves. We also won’t be having an extended dialogue about why you think your client did nothing wrong or how you want this to be a ‘learning’ experience for your ‘high profile athlete,’ as you refer to him. This is Houston, Texas. Perhaps you should find him a lawyer here so you can apprise both you and your client of the landscape here and who you are dealing with. Talk soon.”

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