At Clemson ‘It’s Not Just All About Football’

E.J. WIlliams is set to become a major piece of the Clemson offense in 2021.

The second year player from Alabama stepped up in a big way for the Tigers down the stretch last season after Clemson saw their receiver room ravaged by injuries.

Williams finished his freshman season with 24 catches for 306 yards and two touchdowns. However, it was towards the end of the season when Williams really made his presence felt.

Over the final two games against Notre Dame and Ohio State he reeled in nine catches for 125 yards and a touchdown. He also had a highlight reel one-handed catch in that ACC Championship Game.

In his first session meeting with the media this spring, Williams was quick to point out that at Clemson it isn’t all about football. While that is certainly important, Williams said it isn’t everything.

“Out here at Clemson, it’s not just all about football,” Williams said. “We’re out here having life discussions of being close with God. It’s just a great atmosphere and you just want to come out here and do the best you can and just help your teammates in that aspect in any way that you can.”

Many assume that Williams will be one of the teams starting wideouts next season. Although, Williams said to him, the goal coming into the spring wasn’t necessarily to be the starter.

“It’s never really about being the starter, it’s just trying to better yourself,” Williams said. “It’s not always about football either. Just trying to be a better man. Just trying to get a better aspect of life really.

One goal Williams does have before the season starts is trying to add a few more pounds. After playing last season around 190 pounds, Williams is now up to 202, but says he is aiming to be at 205.

He’s also making an effort to get better at the little things. Williams said that paying attention to and learning the details that goes into playing the position will make him a better player.

“Trying to gain a few more pounds and then just really getting to the overall purpose of the game,” Williams said. “Like, what’s the main reason you’re running certain routes. Just really trying to get the small details into place and just let everything else fall in together.”

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