Tony Elliott Adding New Tools to Clemson Tight Ends Tool Belts

There is a new voice in the tight ends room at Clemson this season.

Offensive coordinator Tony Elliott is now in charge of tight ends, and Davis Allen said the Tigers’ former running backs coach brings a new perspective with him that will benefit every player at the position.

“It’s been great having Coach E in our meeting room and on the field with us,” Allen said. “He brings a different set of knowledge when it comes to the passing game that has been really useful for me in particular, just because I feel like that’s one part of my game that I need to work on.”

Elliott came into the spring intent on making the Clemson tight ends more productive when it comes to the passing game. Allen said that the Clemson offensive coordinator is using a number of different methods to ensure the players are paying attention to detail and doing the little things right.

“Started with techniques and improving the basic things when it comes to route running, you know, Coach E really stressed,” Allen said. “I mean he’s pulled out old practice footage of back in the day, different releases and what we need to do in this situation, this situation, and, you know, if we’re pressed or if they’re playing zone coverage. What we need to be expecting and, and he likes to say he’s adding tools to our tool belt right now, and that’s just kind of what we’re doing. Just learning the basics and learning new techniques to help us.”

As for what Allen came into the spring looking to work on, he said he is hopeful to improve in all facets of the game and that’s the mindset he brings to the table each and every day.

“Speaking for myself, I’m trying to improve in every aspect,” Allen said. “You know, run game, pass game, my footwork, the right footwork in the pass game, my hands, understanding what to do in certain situations. I mean I’m trying to improve every little thing possibly… I’m trying to get better.”

Being from Calhoun, Georgia, Allen is looking forward to the Tigers season opening matchup with Georgia. At the same time, the junior tight end said it’s important to remember that it’s still just another game on the schedule.

“Kind of like what Coach Swinney says,” Allen said. “Every game we’re playing Clemson and that’s just kind of my mindset towards it. I mean just from the town I come from, you know, a lot of people are Georgia fans. You know, a lot of people back home, they’re talking about the game already. It’ll be it’ll be fun for sure and I won’t take it for granted, but at the same time, it’s just another game.”

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