Attorney Suing Texans’ QB Deshaun Watson Has Yet to Deliver Promised Evidence to Houston Police

There may be a little sunlight at the end of a week that started out as a very a dreary one for Deshaun Watson.

As of Thursday there has still been no evidence submitted, as promised by attorney Tony Buzbee, to the Houston Police Department. In fact, Buzbee said he would be delivering that information to the proper authorities last Monday.

In an article by Mike Florio with Pro Football Talk the Houston Police Department stated to KTRK on Thursday that they still haven’t received evidence from any of the 16 current cases that would suggest any law had been broken by Watson. Buzbee went on record last week stating that his office would be submitting affidavits and other evidence to law enforcement on Monday, March 22.

Watson has hired well-known attorney Rusty Hardin, who released a statement on the Texans’ quarterbacks behalf earlier this week, including saying that one of the accusers allegedly attempted to blackmail Watson.

“I want to emphasize at the outset that we and Deshaun recognize that sexual assault and harassment are not only unlawful, but morally wrong. It takes courage for women to come forward to report being mistreated, particularly when they attach their names to a lawsuit. We do not take these allegations lightly. However, fairness to the accused is equally as important.”

“I believe that any allegation that Deshaun forced a woman to commit a sexual act is completely false. And in the one case in which we have been able to identify a plaintiff, we have strong evidence showing the allegation is false. In January of this year, a woman attempted to blackmail Deshaun by demanding $30,000 in exchange for her ‘indefinite silence’ about what she stated was a consensual encounter. It is our belief this woman is the plaintiff in Cause No. 2021-15613. (Please see the attached declaration by Bryan Burney.) This calls into question the legitimacy of the other cases as well.”

One thought on “Attorney Suing Texans’ QB Deshaun Watson Has Yet to Deliver Promised Evidence to Houston Police

  1. I think that anyone who has ever seen or been around Deshaun knows what he stands for morally and spiritually! To even allow some distorted idea or notion of immortality on his part is absolutely absurd!! Just look at his upbringing; the struggles he and his family faced & overcame-that will tell a true story of what he is all about! He is a very giving & caring young man who has been through a lifetime of hardships even at his young age! The love & devotion Deshaun has & isn’t afraid to show for his precious Mother is remarkable!! This is so very sad that there are people out there who are willing and even trying to destroy Deshaun & his career! May God have mercy on your devious, mean, & dishonest souls!! God sees & knows each & every dishonest thought & act you have & are committing!!!!

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