Patriots Showing Interest in Former Clemson WR Amari Rodgers

It is a flirtation that started back at the Senior Bowl.

Players at the Senior Bowl get a chance to meet with each of the 32 NFL teams while in Mobile, and former Clemson wide receiver Amari Rodgers said there was just something different about meeting with the New England Patriots.

“They were fun,’’ Rodgers said in an interview with the Boston Globe last week.

Rodgers has since met with the team again, and for the second time felt good about where he stood with the NFL organization.

“I actually just interviewed with the Patriots’ receivers coach [Mick Lombardi] two days ago,’’ Rodgers said. “I had a FaceTime interview with him… It went great, he’s a great guy.’’

Rodgers went onto say that he could easily see himself playing for New England due to the fact that the franchise and its head coach closely emulates the program he played for in college.

“I can definitely see myself playing for Coach [Bill] Belichick,’’ Rodgers said. “Because he kind of reminds me of Coach Swinney as far as discipline. Very hard and very focused and stuff like that. I feel like the Patriots and Clemson kind of relate to each other, so I feel like I would fit very well in the Patriots organization.’’

No matter who ends up taking the versatile wideout, Rodgers said that team is guaranteed to get a player dedicated to perfecting his craft each and every day.

“I feel like I’m the hardest worker in this draft class,” Rodgers said. “And I feel like every day I come to work, I’m trying to get 1 percent better. I’m not trying to waste any days, because you don’t have too many days. Game could be taken from you at any moment, so I just come in every single day ready to work, trying to get better.’’

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