Clemson DT Bryan Bresee: We’re Working on ‘Things We Didn’t Do Well Last Year’

After the way last season ended, the Clemson football team was more than ready to get back on the field this spring.

Being on the wrong end of a one-sided loss in the College Football Playoff had everyone motivated to get back at it according to Clemson defensive tackle Bryan Bresee.

“It definitely motivates you, nobody wants to end a season like that,” Bresee said. “It was definitely a tough game for everybody, so just like I said it motivates us.”

The second-year player says that it has been good to get back on the field this spring and to just focus on the little things.

“We’re able to get back out here and work on some things that we didn’t do well last year,” Bresee said. “Try to improve in everything. Spring’s a really good time for that. You don’t have the game plan or anything yet, so it’s good just to get out here and really work on technique and get your plays down and do everything like that and really improve on all that stuff.”

As for him personally, Bresee says that he came into the spring knowing he needed to improve and he had some specific areas in mind, particularly his run defense.

“I definitely got improve in the run game and working on my technique in general,” Bresee said. “College football is a lot faster than high school, and I definitely need to start reading backfield sets better.”

Bresee also said that freshman Payton Page is already turning heads and that the 6-foot-6 interior linemen is going to be ready top contribute sooner rather than later.

“Payton is, he’s doing really well,” Bresee said. “You know, he’s a big body, he’s super strong athletic. He’s really starting to get everything down and he’s gonna be really good for us.”

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