Freshman Tight End Showing Off ‘Football Knowledge’ in First Spring at Clemson

The tight ends at Clemson have a fresh set of eyes on them this spring.

How that translates to what fans will see on the field will be something to keep an eye on this spring and throughout the fall.

Clemson offensive coordinator Tony Elliott is now the new tight ends coach when asked about freshman tight end Jake Briningstool, it was hard not to feel the enthusiasm in his voice.

“I mean, I’ve been thoroughly impressed, just with his ability to catch on,” Elliott said. “Obviously things are still spinning around in his head, we’re five days in, we’re still going with the install, but just his ability to comprehend and make the adjustments. Again he’s gonna mess up his handful of plays. I’ve really been impressed with his football knowledge coming in with a great base, especially from a wide receiver perspective. Man, he has a natural feel for running routes he’s got great ball skills.”

The 6-foot-6 Briningstool, out of Brentwood, TN was considered by some to be the top tight end in the country in the last recruiting class. He came in early so he could get a head start on the offensive system and it’s seemed to work to his advantage so far, and Elliott feels really good about just how much fight the young man has.

“The thing that’s really impressed me is man, even though he’s only 216 pounds, he’s not afraid to put his face in the fan and he’s gonna give everything that he has,” Elliott said. “He’s physical as he can be, you know, with this length and with his size and as we get him\ in the weight and grow him up a little bit more, I think we found something special in Jake.”

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