Dabo Swinney on Early Enrollee’s: ‘We Hit On All of Them’

Clemson has put together two consecutive recruiting classes that are considered some of the best in the school’s history.

Fans got to see up and close and personal what some of those players from the 2020 class could do last season. Now head coach Dabo Swinney says he thinks the coaching staff hit on every guy in the most recent class, even if it’s a little to early to tell how much any of the early enrollee’s might contribute in the coming season.

“The one thing I’ll say about all 12 of those guys (early enrollee’s) is that I think… we think we hit on all of them as far as what we take they can be, and expect them to be at their positions,” Swinney said. “But still a little early to single any of them out, but it’s a good group. A special group of talented guys.”

Swinney did say that he was very pleased with the development of some of the younger players on the roster who were there in 2020. The head coach said that he can see a noticeable difference.

“It’s a noticeable difference,” Swinney said. “It’s amazing what a difference a year will make or a season will make. Some success, some failure and then having a chance to really study yourself. Weight room for some of these guys and just a little bit more maturity when you start over every year. You just know more about what’s coming. what to expect, and mentally they’re in a different place, a lot of these freshman and sophomores.”

The head coach also made note of the fact that this will be a team that is far more experienced than it was last season and that there are a lot of players he thinks will take huge steps in their development before next season.

“It’s the more veteran guys,” Swinney said. “This is gonna be one of our more veteran teams, and it’s just good to see some guys taking the next steps. Whether it be rising sophomores, rising juniors, rising seniors, really like the fact that we’ve got a lot to work with.”

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