Clemson Football: Ten Most Intriguing Out of Conference Games for ACC Teams in 2021

It is no secret that Clemson has a pretty big game to open the 2021 season. Maybe the biggest out of conference game in the country for next season.

Athlon has named their ten most intriguing non-conference ACC games and to little surprise the Tigers have claimed the top spot for their opening game against Georgia.

The matchup is scheduled to take place at Bank of America Stadium on September 4 and looks to be a meeting of top-ten teams going in. The Bulldogs own the overall series with a 42-18-4 record against Clemson, including a 6-1-1 advantage when the two teams have played at a neutral site.

This game could have a huge impact on the rest of the season for both teams. Even more so for the Tigers who aren’t expected to have many other opportunities against top competition in the ACC and could use a marquee win over the Bulldogs on their resume as they try to get back to the playoff for the seventh straight year.

These two teams used to play regularly but Clemson hasn’t played Georgia since 2014, and the teams aren’t scheduled to meet again until 2024 in Atlanta. It’s surprising that the rivalry ended since Georgia is actually closer to Clemson (58 miles) than Georgia Tech (60 miles). Not to mention how heated it was, especially during the eighties.

Clemson head coach Dabo Swinney made his feelings about the rivalry clear in an interview with he did with back in 2019.

“We should play Georgia every year if it was up to me,” Swinney said. “For years and years and years, Clemson and Georgia played every year, and somewhere along the line that went away.”

He knows the meaning of the game and even discussed how it could benefit everyone.

“It’s a tough game because they are one of the best teams in the country, but it’s great game for the fans, and we have to play people. I’d just as soon play them than have to go all the way somewhere else to get a game.”

ACC Football: Most Intriguing Non-Conference Games

  1. Clemson vs Georgia (Charlotte, Sept 4)
  2. Alabama vs Miami (Atlanta, Sept 4)
  3. UNC at Notre Dame (Oct 30)
  4. Pitt at Tennessee (Sept 11)
  5. FSU at Florida (Nov 27)
  6. Va Tech at W Virginia (Sept 18)
  7. Louisville at Ole Miss (Sept 6)
  8. Virginia at BYU (Oct 30)
  9. Mizzou at Boston College (Sept 25)
  10. Wake Forest at UNC (Nov 6, Non-Conference)

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