Former Clemson QB Deshaun Watson in News Again For His Good Deeds

Deshaun Watson proves once again that he hasn’t forgotten his roots.

As the drama between Watson and the Houston Texans continues, the former Clemson quarterback has not let it stop him from giving back to his hometown in Georgia.

No matter how famous he has become, one thing that Watson has never forgotten is where he came from and what he, his Mom, and his family went through as he was growing up. And it’s more than just words, he proves it through his actions.

His foundation just fed 10,000 people in his hometown of Gainesville, GA. This is just the type of person Watson truly is and why he is so loved by the Clemson fanbase.

Now of course it didn’t hurt that he led the a Tigers to their first national championship since 1981 and helped put Clemson back in the college football spotlight, but you have to think that he would have been just as loved even without that because he is just one of those young men that fit in and loves Clemson the school as much as he does football.

Let me give you a little more proof of just how great of a person he is. Back in August 2016 my Grandaddy Green was turning 90. As most of you know from other articles I’ve written, he was a huge Tiger fan. So, for his birthday my cousin and I went to Clemson in hopes of getting a video from the fire dept since he was a lifelong local volunteer (done), one from head coach Dabo Swinney (done), and one from Deshaun Watson.

He was rushing out of the locker room at around 8pm because he still had to go do some other team stuff for the Heisman hype but he was nice enough to take time out and do the video for me. That video helped make a 90 year old’s day special. This is just the type of person, not player, Watson really is.

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